Marijuana : de nombreux aspects sains. Pas pour les jeunes cerveaux.

Marijuana : de nombreux aspects sains. Pas pour les jeunes cerveaux.

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Marijuana-updated OCTOBER 30, 2016

This is not to be a finished piece but rather what i learn from time to time that might be helpful. 

WHY is a site about optimal breathing paying any attention to marijuana by-products? Because it is NOT the dreadful substance that big pharma, fear mongering money hungry politicians, the profit sector prison system  have made it out to be. Read on and learn for yourself.

Most recent Cannabis and the opioid crisis

2013 Dr. Sanjay Gupta: "We have been 'systematically misled' on marijuana"
America's doctor, Sanjay Gupta MD, has admitted he was wrong about cannabis. After conducting in-depth research and viewing the numerous scientific studies that demonstrate the many efficacies of cannabis for medical applications, Dr. Gupta reversed his anti medical marijuana stance. More info.

"Marijuana stops child's severe seizures Full Text CNN Health, 08/09/2013"

There are eight medical conditions for which patients can use cannabis – cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, muscle spasms, seizures, severe pain, severe nausea and cachexia or dramatic weight loss and muscle atrophy. She was 5 when the Figis learned there was nothing more the hospital could do.

That's when Paige decided to try medical marijuana. But finding two doctors to sign off on a medical marijuana card for Charlotte was no easy feat. She was the youngest patient in the state ever to apply. Scientists don't fully understand the long–term effects early marijuana use may have on children.

Studies that show negative effects, such as diminished lung function or increased risk of a heart attack, are primarily done on adult marijuana smokers. But Charlotte wouldn't be smoking the stuff. Childhood is also a delicate time in brain development. Preliminary research shows that early onset marijuana smokers are slower at tasks, have lower IQs later in life, have a higher risk of stroke and increased incidence of psychotic disorders, leaving some scientists concerned.

"We were pioneering the whole thing; we were guinea pigging Charlotte," Paige said. "This is a federally illegal substance. I was terrified to be honest with you." But the results were stunning."

Lately we learn there are ways of ingesting it that do not require as much of any lung involvement. How does this color the experience as traditionally the use of breathing it in and its relationship to spirituality as in the breathing in of spirit seems to make any other form of ingestion subject to extra non spiritual scrutiny and more about recreational altered states of consciousness not related to spirit but more about possible avoidance of reality.

Time will tell on this one. There seems to be what I call a "hangover" where the effects may last much longer than the user realizes: days to weeks to months perhaps.

At least in California's population of 30 million+, and lately several more states including Colorado  and Washington, the traditional medical community is supporting its usage for chemotherapy related anti-nausea. Chemo? Nausea? New York, in a very Governor restricted format, adds cannabis to its list of accepted modalities.

Marijuana and Sleep Apnea

The Culture High documentary on Netflix and elsewhere. A MUST WATCH.

Bodily benefits. Newsweek February 2016

A widespread opinion is that compared to alcohol, MJ is far, far less harmful to the body.  The compelling issues around health enhancement, tax income,  legalization and unnecessary prison costs are just too strong too (beware of all public stock market investment issues as some tickers have replaced those from 9 months ago).

Canada is ahead of the game but tickers such as INQD, GBLX, GWPH, KSHB, PZOO and TRTC may be becoming lead players in this soon to be massive movement toward legalizing cannabis and freeing hemp to its greater potential. 

I subscribe to 420 Investor which is probably the best service by far to get help, study and self direct in this arena. Buy signals, sell signals and tons of information that is about as objective as can be in my opinion. But EXTREME caution as over 12 companies have been suspended by the SEC making the MJ sector the wild wild west of the stock market arena. 

How the Legalization of Marijuana significantly impacts on any aspect of life or living today

My personal experience.
I used to smoke a lot of it. 40 years ago. Unfiltered Camel cigarettes as well for 18 years prior to my MJ times. I actually used MJ to replace cigarettes over several months. Then over the next few years I gave up MJ.  The Voldynne 5000 now shows my lung volume at age 75 to be that of a 6'6" tall 25 year old male. 

 Back then (35 years ago) my Reichian therapist cautioned me against using it because he said it gave one a great feeling that one did not have to work for and eventually one can run the risk of losing interest in trying or sustaining effort.  Perhaps so, perhaps not says I.  I think of it as a magnifying glass. 

Positive experiences are more so but so are negative ones more negative. Hence the tendency not to want negativity while under the influence. But what if you are ignorant of that possibility and do some anyway (someone slips some in your food).  How much forewarned is forearmed? A great deal I suspect.

The individual gets to take personal responsibility; informed consent so to speak. But some strains are over the top potent so users beware.  And yet the health properties for many are profound.

I have learned repeatedly that sensitivity greatly depends on the individual. I met a 4pt University of Chicago law student who shared that he takes one hit and stares at the walls. His roommate gets stoned and aces all his tests. 

For some it would depend on how often you use it. Pre teens and teens seem to be more clearly at risk and should be kept away from it until they are fully grown. UNLESS of course you have a clear and present medical need. See the article below

I tried vaping recently and it gave me a 2 day "hangover". I have to wonder how many people lose themselves to the subtle confusions of the effects of cannabis. The contemporary variety is so much stronger than even Acapulco gold or Maui Wowie in the 70s. I hear it takes more and more to get the same effects.

That tells me it builds up in the body.  Some strains give a meditative kind of high. It seems to me that there are plenty of communication, stress and emotional factors that separate us from our true selves without adding what I call "the cloud of cannabis".

But for some this so-called cloud is not relevant and the person's brain seems to work quite well and even brain cancer can be challenged, making the medical usage to me potentially very warranted and it is soon to accompany improved side effect monitoring. Meanwhile the word is that it is MUCH less harmful to the body than alcohol. MUCH MUCH LESS!  

Recent articles

June 2017  Cannabinoid Deficiency part 1 Townsend Letter. Get a subscription for part 2

FDA OKs Cannabis-Based Ovarian Cancer Treatment  
Endocannabinoids in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Smoking 1 joint  day is not harmful to the lungs

Latest from NIH on cannabiods. Note #6

Cancer and marijuana

Cannabinoids: Healing agent for integrative Medical Cancer Treatment.

The Great Pot Experiment

Ecig (tobacco, not MJ) Health Risks
Marijuana smoking may be cancer safe and even cancer reducing   

Marijuana DOES inhibit brain cancer the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), inhibited the growth of various human glioma cell lines in vivo and in vitro in a dose dependent manner

Medical Marijuana and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Rick Simpson. This is really about a colleague's friend who got similarly great  results just recently. Rick's shared results are being repeated with many other people.

Hemp ongoing legalization process  "Hemp never was and never will be a drug, so it's unfortunate that in the last 60 years it has been confused with one"

Arthritis project

A Tale of Two Drug Wars -Rolling Stone January 2014

Monsanto and a possible MMJ future? God I hope not

Marijuana Policy Project

Pot smoking couples and low rates of domestic violence

Marijuana as a pain killer threatens Big pharma

Best way for pain reduction


People can get addicted to almost anything so : 
Caron Treatment Centers 
offers evidence-based drug and alcohol rehab programs in Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Bermuda, with additional regional offices located in New York City and Philadelphia.

Debunking the Myths  A June 20,2013 article from Rolling Stone. Several other articles in this issue.

If you are going to smoke/use it anyway then be careful which US State you do it in as some have very strict laws against that. Here is another Rolling Stone , as of June 2013 map of legal and otherwise.

Marijuana Doctors Locator Website

CBD Approved for Childhood Epilepsy Study
Orrin Devinsky MD, Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at New York University, was recently awarded FDA approval to conduct a clinical trial that will study the safety and tolerability of cannabidiol (CBD) in children with epilepsy. More info.

New Hampshire 19th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana
New Hampshire becomes a New England state to legalize medical cannabis, and joins eighteen other states in the union who have medical marijuana laws on the books. More info.

Illinois Becomes 20th State to Legalize Medical Cannabis
History was again made as Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the state's medical marijuana bill into law. In the coming months, Illinois will put regulations in place to ensure that patients in need are able to obtain their medical cannabis according to state law. More info.

Washington D.C.'s First Medical Cannabis Clinic Opens
After nearly fifteen years, Washington D.C. residents are finally getting their first licensed medical marijuana clinic in the district. More info.

Uruguay Votes to Fully Legalize Cannabis
Uruguay is expected to become the first country to completely legally regulate the production, distribution and sale of marijuana. Last week, Uruguay's lower house voted to approve a bill that will allow all citizens to use cannabis for any purpose -- recreational or medical. More info.

NY Times: Groundwork Laid, Growers Turn to Hemp in Colorado
The New York Times is reporting that the first commercial hemp crops are being planted in Colorado. An estimated two dozen farmers in the state are taking advantage of the new laws that Colorado voters enacted and are beginning to plant this heritage crop. More info.

US Attorney General Eric Holder Calls for Major Drug Sentencing Reform
"I think there are too many people in jail for too long, and for not necessarily good reasons," said US Attorney General Eric Holder in a recent interview featured on NPR. Over the past few weeks, lawmakers have introduced bipartisan measures that would give judges more power to shorten prison sentences for nonviolent criminals and even get rid of some mandatory minimum terms altogether. More info.


The came to me via their mailing me a booklet. I know very little about all the wide wide west of CBD. Only that is is cheap and safe. What I DO know is that there are extreme differences in potencies and purity.

Below is to me and from Spain is so far to me the most reliable and potent. The owner Ulysses  is open to sharing info. Naturalwonoil Grow: Poligono 7, Parcela 152, 18451 Berchules, Granada, Spain

Skype: vandhansen
Youtube: Ulysses Naturalwonoil

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Bottom line is whether or not you smoke tobacco or MJ, or used to smoke or somehow otherwise intake cannabis you would be well advised to develop or recover your breathing

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