Too Much Oxygen or Not Enough

Too Much Oxygen or Not Enough


Too Much Oxygen or Not Enough

Confused about the use of supplemental oxygen? Learn why it's safe to combine supplemental oxygen with exercise.

Too Much Oxygen or Not Enough

Too Much Oxygen

Intermittent exposure to higher oxygen with many hours of "normoxic" breathing between the higher exposures has not resulted in pulmonary oxygen toxicity. Many have reported improved function with intermittent oxygen, especially when done with exercise.

Supplemental Oxygen

Aside from the above lung conditions where no exercise is involved, there are very few contraindications for extra oxygen. Asthma may be one of them, but it is not so much about the oxygen but more about how the person is high chest breathing.

Stress steals O2 like a blood-starved vampire. The low atmospheric oxygen and toxic air situation will continue to worsen due to global warming, polluting the oceans that give us some 80-90% of our oxygen supply as well as reducing the remaining 10-20% that is fast disappearing via deforestation.

According to the 2008 edition of America’s Health Rankings, our nation’s health report card is troublesome: We “continue to fall short of our potential” and “fare poorly in comparison to many other nations.” Perhaps the worst news from the report is that over the last four years, health improvement has stagnated. Enter the yearly virus now called COVID-19.

The report states that one reason for this situation is that “our healthcare system is heavily tilted toward sick care at the expense of well care or keeping people healthy. About 95 cents of every dollar spent in the U.S. on health goes to diagnose or treat disease after it occurs, leaving less than 5 cents on the dollar to prevent disease.”

That makes supplemental oxygen for both wellness and prevention a very good idea. O2 is necessary for every cellular function, and we die after a few minutes without it. When extra oxygen is given to many, it has a strong cellular restorative effect.

The key is how well the body utilizes the O2. I call it Oxygen Baseball or O2BB. Oxygen is the ball. The cells are the catcher's mitts. No oxygen, no ball game. No catcher mitts, the oxygen gets dropped, and the team loses anyway.

From Dr. Len Saputo:

  • "In people with severe lung disease, when you give them too much oxygen from an external source, they often will slow down their breathing enough that carbon dioxide can build up to dangerous levels.

    This is called CO2 narcosis. I doubt that this could occur from natural breathing... So in these people, when we give supplemental oxygen, it is important to measure blood gasses to be certain of what is going on."

In addition to oxygen, nutrition, detoxification, cellular strength, and moderate exercise become significant factors in vitality.

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