O2E2 - Oxygen Machines with Unlimited Oxygen Supply. 

Create your very own home oxygen bar and enjoy the boundless oxygen supply at a reasonable price using our O2E2 Oxygen Generators with industry-leading specifications.

Why the name "O2E2"?

We call our oxygen machines O2E2® because they are short, roundish and remind us of the Star-Wars Robot R2D2®.

O2E2 stands for Oxygen + Energy Squared or Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest. 

They can be used before, after or during exercise but they can also be used to enhance rest as you can nap or sleep connected with them.

Benefits of O2E2 Machines

No Dryness

Oxygen by itself is dry and sessions in excess of 4 hours can dry one’s nasal passages. Our units come with a water bottle that moisturizes the O2.

Convenient for Home Use

No need to go to the gym when you can work-out right in the comfort of your home! Save time on commuting and be more environment-friendly too!

Cost Effective

Save the one dollar per minute usually charged at commercial oxygen bar locations. Your O2E2 will pay for itself in a few hours of usage. (No oxygen bottle needed).

No Gimmicks!

Does not need FDA approval. All of the equipment is sold for recreational use. The added long-term health benefits are a bonus!

Built to Endure

These are industry standard supplemental oxygen therapy machines so based on average usage from 30-120 minutes a day they could last 5-10 years.

Loaded with Accessories

This is an industry standard function that simply separates harmless nitrogen from the air leaving almost pure oxygen coming through the tube.

Full Warranty

We offer Three to Five years warranty for new units and One to Three years warranty for refurbished units. 

Modern Technology

The O2E2 units are equipped with onboard computers to ensure perfect running at all times.

O2E2 Machine Variants

Two variants of O2E2 Machine are available based on the flow of supplemental oxygen per minute.

  • 5 LPM (Liter Per Minute) Machines - New and Rebuilt

  • 10 LPM Machines - New and Rebuilt

5 LPM - Rebuilt


10 LPM - Rebuilt


You may add the Reservoir Bag and Mega-Flow Mask System to your current oxygen machine or Grab our complete Turbo Oxygen System for enhanced benefits. As an introductory trial, you can also purchase just an O2E2 Machine to use the nose cannula or 1-liter reservoir bag/mask. Try our Oxygen Machine-Reservoir Bag Combos for best results.

If you feel the need to have extra-long sessions and if your nose gets dry, a cotton tip swabbing a little sesame seed oil in your nose.

You can use this pure, extra burst of oxygen with a treadmill, stationary bicycle, cross trainer, rebounder, Nordic walker, far infrared sauna, chi machine, vibrating platforms, slant boards and a lot more!

Consider breathing in pure oxygen while you are surfing the net, reading, sleeping, playing cards, video games and even in your aquarium!

Add our proprietary blend of Respiratory Enhancer Essential Oil formula to the water bottle for added antibacterial or antifungal benefits!

Features of O2E2 Machines

New Machines

  • Machines work steadily for 24/7

  • Total life span- 20,000 Hours

  • Safe for the patients

  • Equipped with Power Failure Alarm, Low Purity Alarm, High Temperature Alarm

  • Can be moved easily by pushing

  • Filter needs to be changed after the use of 3000 hours

  • Operates silently without disturbing sleep

  • Works under 100V-240V, 50-60Hz, every voltage is available

  • Suitable for patients who require 1-10 liters of oxygen

  • Nebulization function is optional

Rebuilt Machines

  • Capable of delivering 87% to 96% Oxygen Purity

  • Lightweight and compact design

  • Robust design for improved durability and reliability (Unit tested in high temperature and high humidity for extended periods of time and Proven rotary valve design)

  • Readily accessible patient controls

  • Accommodates up to a 50-foot oxygen tubing plus 7-foot cannula (15.3 meters)

  • Equipped with Oxygen Sensing Device to ensure patient safety and reliability for longer service intervals

  • Lockable Flow Meter

  • Alarms indicate Power Failure, High gas temperature, high pressure, low/high flow, low oxygen and service required

It Works!

We have happy clients who now breathe easy! Just a 10 to 30-minute session on our home model O2E2 bar displaces harmful free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic infectious bacteria, parasites, and microbes. Not to mention all the cellular repair you will receive!

World class athletes will most often hide their key fitness secrets because they want to keep them to themselves as long as they are competing with others.

Specifications - New Machines

Specifications5 LPM Machine10 LPM Machine
Flow Settings1-5 LPM2-10 LPM
Oxygen Concentration1 to 5 LPM 93%±3%2 to 9 LPM 93%±3%
10 LPM 90%±3%
Output Pressure8.5±5psi (58.6 kpa)12.5 psi (85 kpa)
Sound Level≤45dBA≤50dBA
Dimensions L*W*H (mm)373*322*570373*322*570
Weight36.6 lbs43.2 lbs
Input Voltage220V/115V220V/115V
Input Frequency50Hz/60Hz50Hz/60Hz
Average Power Consumption285 W(Average)650W (Average)
Alarm TypePower Failure Alarm, Lower Purity Alarm (Optional)Power Failure Alarm, Lower Purity Alarm (Optional)
Oxygen Percentage Indicator(OPI) Alarm LevelsLow Oxygen-82%
Very Low Oxygen-75%
Low Oxygen-82%
Very Low Oxygen-75%
Operating Temperature50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C)50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C)
Operating HumidityUp to 95% relative humidityUp to 95% relative humidity
Operating AltitudeUp to 12,000 feet (3657 m)Up to 12,000 feet (3657 m)
Storage/Transport Humidity10% to 100% up to 95% relative humidity10% to 100% up to 95% relative humidity
Storage Temperature-104°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)-104°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)

Specifications - Rebuilt Machines

Specifications5 LPM Machine10 LPM Machine
Delivery Rate0.5 to 5LPM2.0 to 10LPM
Maximum Recommended Flow5LPM10LPM
Outlet Pressure8.5 psig20.0 psi ± 1.0 psi
Oxygen Percentage1-5 LPM, 87% - 96%2-10 LPM, 87-96%
Low Oxygen Indicator<82%- Low Oxygen
<60%- Very low Oxygen
<82%- Low Oxygen
<60%- Very low Oxygen
Electrical Rating115V, 60Hz,3.3Amps120V, 60Hz, 6.1Amp
Power Consumption310W (Average)
275W at 1.2LPM & below
120Vac, 60Hz: 639W (Average)
Operating Altitude
(tested at 70°F only)
0-1500m (0-4921 feet)
No degradation of performance across the voltage rangeNo degradation of performance across the voltage range
Operating Environment Range
41°F to 95°F, humidity range of 10% to 95%
No degradation of performance across the voltage rangeNo degradation of performance across the voltage range
Storage Conditions-13°F to 158°F
Humidity range of 15%-93% non-condensing
-13°F to 158°F
Humidity range of 15%-93% non-condensing
Product Dimensions24.5”(H) x 13.5”(W) x 12”(D)24.5”(H) x 13.5”(W) x 12”(D)
Product Weight36 lbs (16.3kg)42 lbs (19kg)
Product Warranty1-3 Years1-3 Years

Machine - Bag Combos

Combo - A

New 10 LPM Machine

  • New 10 Lpm Oxygen Machine

  • 900 Liter Bag

  • Mega-flow Mask Included

  • Worldwide Shipping

Combo - B

New 5 LPM Machine

  • New 5 Lpm Oxygen Machine

  • 900 Liter Bag

  • Mega-flow Mask Included

  • Worldwide Shipping

Combo - C

New 10 LPM Machine

  • New 10 Lpm Oxygen Machine

  • 500 Liter Bag

  • Mega-flow Mask Included

  • Worldwide Shipping

Combo - D

New 5 LPM Machine

  • New 5 Lpm Oxygen Machine

  • 500 Liter Bag

  • Mega-flow Mask Included

  • Worldwide Shipping

Combo - E

Rebuilt 5 LPM Machine

  • Rebuilt 5 Lpm Oxygen Machine

  • 900 Liter Bag

  • Mega-flow Mask Included

  • Shipping available only to 48 USA States

Combo - F

Rebuilt 5 LPM Machine

  • Rebuilt 5 Lpm Oxygen Machine

  • 500 Liter Bag

  • Mega-flow Mask Included

  • Shipping available only to 48 USA States

Combo - G

Rebuilt 10 LPM Machine

  • Rebuilt 10 Lpm Oxygen Machine

  • 900 Liter Bag

  • Mega-flow Mask Included

  • Shipping available only to 48 USA States

Combo - H

Rebuilt 10 LPM Machine

  • Rebuilt 10 Lpm Oxygen Machine

  • 500 Liter Bag

  • Mega-flow Mask Included

  • Shipping available only to 48 USA States

Overview of the Turbo Oxygen System

EWOT ON STEROIDS Based On Oxygen Multistep Therapy aka OMT

Accelerating wellness, physical endurance, mental clarity and more. People today are more health conscious than ever. Men and women have always used the gym as a social venue as well as a fitness venue, but many of these people that used to belong to gyms now find it easier and more convenient and lately even gas saving to work out at home with store bought equipment.

You know the feeling when you actually wake up early to workout?


Turbo Oxygen Testimonials

From world-class volleyball player TJ Forsythe

I recently had the opportunity of being put through an optimal breathing athletic performance workout by Michael Grant White of Optimal Breathing, and it changed the way I condition my body inside of the gym.

He uses natural oxygen produced by the best oxygen machines money can buy, and that can be found at breathing.com/pages/o2e2. Mr. White also uses amazing breathing strategies/techniques MADE FOR ALL PEOPLE to help the body recover naturally as a regular person, pre and post workout as an athlete, or if you have any health issues.

The crazy thing is, he has also helped heal many people with diseases such as Lyme Disease using these techniques! Personally, I felt the best 

I ever have when using these techniques during my workout and afterward. It felt like I hadn’t even worked out despite pushing myself to my limits. You guys have to go check it out and connect with Mr. White if you have any questions, concerns, or want to get your health back in control! He is an expert in his field. 

Go get your health back or improved bigtime today!”

Mark Gustafson, D.PSc., Wellness Coach and Consultant

 Just as an update, I did get on the treadmill this morning and did a full one mile sprint using the turbo mask and oxygen bag, and did the full mile at 6:00 pace with reserve left over!

In my marathon training, historically, I could not even have run a quarter mile sprint at 6:00 pace. I feel the oxygen has made the difference in my speed training, for sure.

As an EWOT enthusiast for 8 years, the new item has been adding the Turbo Mask and 90 Liter oxygen bag. With the turbo mask, my sprint work will be a fun and enjoyable part of my training moving forward with the next half marathon run in October 2018.

An interesting side note -- it seems that any (pain) issue that I might be experiencing (I am pain-free most of the time!), it seems to totally clear up regarding muscle / joint issues while I am on the treadmill doing my sprints. Also, I don't even have to stretch out before or after which is also unique!

Clearly, oxygen using the Turbo Oxygen Mega-Flow System from Mike White, truly has made the wholesale difference at the cellular level for my running training just as we suspected!

 Cheers, and thanks for your support!”

Dr. Ted C, Chiropractor (name given on request)

"I'm a healthcare practitioner that offers Multi-step Oxygen therapy via the Turbo Oxygen system in my clinic. My patients that use the therapy range from world class athletes to physically impaired. My personal story can claim health benefits.....better stamina , breathing, endurance , but most remarkable, since using the therapy over the past couple of years.....I no longer need to use reading glasses. I'm 68 years old. I've used different nutritional and eye exercises for a number of years, yet, the need for the "cheaters" kept creeping in. The only difference is using the O2E2 therapy. What can I say ? It is what it is.......... "

Semper Fi, Clint. C. LtCol, USMC, Retired

I wanted to update you on my results from using the O2E2 for several months, about 8 months I think.

Thirty mins/day on the treadmill followed by 30-45 minutes of weight training. I notice a significant difference on the treadmill/weights with the O2. No discomfort and a heightened sense of well-being that lasts for a significant time afterwards.

Along with good nutrition and supplements, I would strongly recommend to anyone having cardiovascular problems to check with their Medical Doc and then give it a try.

John C, Washington State

Dear Mike.

I am 67 years old this month and have been in reasonably good health for most of my life up until the past two years…..Heart issues and COPD run in my family (my Father passing at 67 with heart issues and lung cancer, my Mother passing at 65 from Emphysema, and my older brother passing two years ago at 72 from COPD and heart issues)……I have been quite active and have exercised most of my life up until 4 years ago……Family and business issues intervened for a couple of years that knocked me out my exercise routine and all of a sudden, I found myself with extreme shortness of breath and interestingly, a resting pulse rate in excess of 80….Despite good results from a battery of diagnostic blood tests and EKG last year, most recently, I found up until last week that 5 minutes of moderate exercise on my Elliptical Max Trainer would just about wipe me out…..

Some years ago, I read that a French surgeon and biologist by the name of Dr. Alexis Carrel (a Nobel prize winner) and his associates were able to maintain a series of chicken heart tissue cultures at the Rockefeller Institute…. From 1912 to 1946, this series of chicken heart tissue cultures remained alive and dividing….. This occurred as a result of their tending to the tissue cultures by replacing daily the medium in which they thrived in (thus daily eliminating the cellular waste and providing new nutrients typically found in normal chicken blood)….. The only reason the tissue cultures stopped living and dividing was that the team no longer had any use for and just quit caring for the cultures…… One can easily see from this experiment that if the cells in the body are provided with the right nutrients and a relatively stress free environment, the potential for continued healthy growth and division is possibly unlimited….

Accordingly, based upon the results of Dr. Carrel’s research and work and of course every other holistic healthcare information guide, and having been a malignant cancer survivor from an incident I dealt with some 32 years ago, I have always maintained that good health as a rule depends upon controlling your stress level, getting a reasonable amount of exercise and providing the body with proper nutrition (a healthy, balanced organic diet and GOOD supplementation)...Weight has never been an issue for me as a result of applying these principles…..I weighed 160 pounds when I was discharged from the Army in my early 20’s and weigh the same now at 67….

I have always known that exercise is instrumental for good health but as stated earlier, I let other demands intervene and lost my ability to engage in what I consider to be quality, healthy exercise….15 minutes a day with your Turbo Mask System and simultaneously using either my Elliptical Max Trainer or my Treadmill has miraculously changed that….With four days use of this system, my pulse rate has reduced approximately 20 per minute at the same stress workout level when compared to the exercise readings prior to using this system…..And my breath is now much deeper and fuller with an average O2 level increase throughout the day from 93-94 to 95-96….By the end of a 15 minute walk or light workout using your system, I actually find myself ready for more….

More importantly, my energy level throughout the day is twice what it used to be prior to engaging in this daily morning activity……(I did a bit of research on this phenomena and discovered that in the cellular respiration process, the cells actually STORE the energy from when the oxygen converts the biochemical energy from nutrients into ATP for later use which accounts for the additional energy throughout the day..…And I saw one benefit claim where the additional energy can be felt for up to three days after one TurboOxygen EWOT session in addition to up to one year of benefit from the antioxidant effects, all of which I find to be reasonable benefit claims…)…..At any rate, instead of feeling like a 70 year old, I actually stopped the other day (a couple of hours after the second 15 minute use of your system) and just had to sit at my desk for a few minutes and revel in just how well I felt (something that I have not felt in almost two years)…..I felt like I was 45 years old again…….

The Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit I purchased from you in October of last year was a real bargain……Your Turbo Mask System however is light years ahead in reference to immediate, tangibly felt and measured results, with just a few minutes of daily, relatively comfortable, simple use especially when used in conjunction with the simple, proper breathing techniques taught in your Breathing Self Mastery Kit.

I am not certain if someone in good health would experience the same immediate, profound, tangibly felt results from the use of your system that I have experienced….However, I do believe they will experience and feel immediate, healthy benefits and the benefits of using TurboOxygen EWOT in maintaining their good health are clearly documented….I researched thoroughly before purchasing your system and found a wealth of information from other health practitioners and exercise enthusiasts discussing the phenomenal, long lasting benefits of TurboOxygen EWOT. I also searched at great length before purchasing your system for any information regarding any complications or issues arising from the use of TurboOxygen EWOT and could find absolutely nothing…..

At any rate, THANK YOU for your informative, introductory email describing your work with EWOT TurboOxygen (which led me to further investigation and purchase of your unit), the benefits derived from using TurboOxygen EWOT and your system, the outstanding concept of using two intake oxygen hoses for the TurboOxygen EWOT mask that you developed, and the excellent materials and equipment that you use with the system you sell…..As far as I am concerned, you have given me my life back…..Aside from the immediate, profound effects that I have experienced from using your Turbo Mask System, I am 100% confident that continuing with my program of daily juicing (I use a recently purchased Omega J8006 juicer that I am about as happy with as I am with your Turbo Mask System), daily TurboOxygenEWOT, supplementation with GOOD vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and a reasonable amount of rest, that I will be able to 100% recover my good health in just a few months……And interestingly, I am enjoying the journey because of the immediate, healthy effects I feel from using your Turbo Mask System……

With regards to your Turbo Mask System as compared to others I saw after at least one full day of research prior to purchasing your system:

In my opinion, you are correct in saying that the two intake hose system you developed by far exceeds the use of a one hose intake system….(Every other unit I saw used a one hose system….)…A one hose system most likely would not have comfortably served my needs…..This looks to be one of the best designs I found in the US market…..(I found an Australian unit that used a 1 ½ inch single intake hose coming into the front of the mask with two side discharges for elimination that looked appealing but I suspect your two hose unit works as well or better)…….

The quality of the materials and the packaging used are excellent……

Instructions for set up and use were clear…..Approximately 1.5 hours to unpack, set up the reservoir bag stand, hang the reservoir bag, and hook up the hoses and the O2E2 unit for use……..

As for pricing…….I purchased the 500 liter reservoir bag and new 10 LPM O2E2 machine unit……This works absolutely phenomenally well for me………Quick fill up and based upon my usage, I get a full 15 minutes from the 500 liter reservoir bag without fully depleting the bag with the O2E2 machine continuing to operate while exercising……Your Turbo Mask System is the most reasonably priced system that I was able to find…….Other comparable units appeared to cost anywhere from 750 to 1,000s more than yours….(And nowhere did I find any other units priced anywhere near as reasonably priced as your Turbo Mask System with a refurbished 5 LPM machine and a 500 liter reservoir bag for personal use)….

Overall, I would rate your Turbo Mask System a 5 star in every category…My hat is off to you for the great work you have done in putting together such a quality, affordable system for folks to own and use in the privacy and convenience of their home……….