Health Benefits of Optimal Breathing

Steady energy throughout the day

Great positive mood(s)

Freedom to breathe deeply and easily

Waking up clear headed and refreshed

A Clear mind and good memory

A strong vocal expression.

Health Benefits of Optimal Breathing

Consider this:

Our very lives begin and end with the breath. Between the two sacred moments of birth and death, most of us will take countless breaths and rarely give it a moment's notice.

Scientists have observed that wild animals instinctively know how to "shake off" the high stress of life-threatening situations and return to a relaxed state where they are alert and aware without sacrificing their health and survival needs. They are still able to stay healthy, breath properly, procreate, eat and socialize. This ability to maintain balance is an inborn trait. While humans have the same instinct within, our modern lifestyles, which include unnatural living conditions, high stress, environmental pollutants, dishonoring social conditioning and poor food quality usually serve to keep us out of touch with our natural ability to maintain proper equilibrium. We do manage to procreate, socialize, eat and survive but for many people, our lives are not realized at a satisfying level and recurring health and emotional issues constantly hinder our quality of life. Traumas, including subtle prolonged emotional neglect, violent abuse or physical injury can separate us from our instinctive selves for years. Usually, the breath is the first physiological response to be affected by trauma. The change in breathing patterns is rarely noticed, especially when the trauma begins at a young age, yet the resulting effects on body, mind, emotions and spirit are ultimately profound.

Here are just a few of the ways healthy breathing affects our lives:


Increases vital energy so the body has more energy to put towards it's constant process of self-healing and detoxifying

Lessens stress responses by regulating the nervous system that staves off diverting energy from healthy immune system function.

Accelerating regeneration of tissues by allowing the regenerative systems of the body to heal/regenerate instead of fight off invaders.

Speeds recovery from trauma and disease

Partially compensates for inherited limitation and genetic weaknesses


Dramatically aids in relief of many long term respiratory difficulties such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD

Reduces chest pains due to tight muscles thus the tension causing anxiety of "heart attack potential" is reduced

Opens up the chest to make breathing easier and fuller which facilitates strengthening of the life force, emotional stability and mental clarity to feel more energetic

Maintains body balance which supports ease of breathing including proper CO2 elimination


Improves blood circulation and relieves congestion

Increases flow of oxygen to oxygen loving organs such as the brain and eyes

Eases the strain on the heart by increasing oxygen to the heart


Calms a chronic "fright or flight" anxiety state by reversing the breathing patterns which began at the time of the original trauma

Healthfully stimulates the nervous system where fatigue is present

Depending on the technique used, healthy breathing can balance brain hemispheres


Proper diaphragmatic action acts as a pump to massage the internal organs, significantly aiding their function

Calms the emotions which directly affect the parasympathetic nervous system of rest, digestion and healing.


Helps eliminate excess fluids through the breath

Reduces swelling of the body (edema)

Decreases stress on organs of elimination, thus helping the body to naturally cleanse and tonify


Increases depth and continuity of lymphatic fluid circulation which

Helps speed recovery after major illnesses


Upper body strength is directly affected by proper breathing

Feeling better and more present in your body naturally leads to a greater desire to exercise for health and enjoyment

Improves coordination and grace via greater relaxation and self-awareness


Releases and reduces muscular tension that eventually may cause structural problems

Helps increase flexibility and strength of joints; when you breathe easier you move easier


Reduces wrinkles due to improved circulation and blood oxygen flow

Results in radiant skin at any age

Replaces energy lost during the natural process of growth and aging


Improves power of mental concentration and observation

Lower stress levels lead to higher productivity, greater learning capacity, better decision making


Increases feelings of safety, nurturing and self-acceptance

Produces profound relaxation and inner peace (think: grace under pressure and courage under fire)

Reverses effects of stress related to self-defeating habits and tendencies, including childhood traumas, religious programming and cultural conditioning

Strengthens coping skills

Enhances sense of self and inner power

Produces heightened self-awareness and self-love which leads to healthier life


Deepens meditation or spiritual connection

Heightens intuition

Balances subtle energy systems affecting all the bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

Enhances creativity


Relaxation, self-love and self-acceptance leads to greater compassion for others

Helps clarify and strengthen boundaries and take responsibility for their role in relationships

Increases awareness and management of subtle energies within and around you and others


Regulates intensity of orgasm

Higher relaxation levels and self-love lead to more compatible partner choice

Re-learning to breathe the way nature intended from the beginning is a significant portion of anyone's overall holistic wellness program.

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Welcoming and accepting higher levels of health, pleasure, power and love is a gradual process for most people but many clients find that breathing techniques facilitated by Optimal Breathing Practitionerstm often bring on immediate, dramatic results. Continued practice serves to strengthen and build upon your foundation. Re-learning to breathe the way nature intended from the beginning is a significant portion of anyone's overall holistic wellness program.

Originally designed as a personal growth development technique, Optimal Breathingtm realizes a much wider potential for accelerating many self healing processes as well as being an important adjunct to almost any wellness or therapy program.

Just as Optimal Breathingtm removes the barriers that prevent vocalists from reaching their performance potential, it can help remove barriers in all of us, helping us to achieve our maximum potential in whatever it is we do. Optimal Breathingtm has shown astonishing healing factors in various health conditions. Further studies are being conducted utilizing Optimal Breathingtm.

?Your breathing will be stronger, smoother, bigger, greater, deeper, easier, and better coordinated. You will become stronger, more clear headed, relaxed, and energetic. Breathing really is a metaphor for life"

....Mike White, Optimal Breathingtm specialist

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New Age Applications of using the breath as a vehicle to:

  1. Remove painful, energy-depleting effects of fear, including those related to the fear of death, disease, the body, foods, parents and other  people, lack of abundance, impoverishment, phobias, environmental threats, the future and the past, unstable economic trends, political unrest, etc.
  2. Neutralize pain from current hurt, disappointment or anger resulting from past emotional trauma or negative experiences in life.
  3. Cleanse energy-depleting fearful elements, including our original separation from Spirit or Higher Self.
  4. Improve the possibility that karmic issues no longer need to be resolved through pain and suffering, but through creativity and joy.
  5. Reduce or remove, due to improved adrenal function, allergies and intolerances to foods, chemical substances, pesticides, herbicides, air pollutants, radiation, medical drugs, pharmaceutical by-products, etc.
  6. Undo the root causes of some chronic illness, including cancer, heart disease, MS, diabetes, arthritis, brain disorders, depression, etc.
  7. Remove any self perpetuating obstacles to fulfilling your desires, such as selling a house, getting a dream job (provided this is in your highest interest) or enhancing your gifts and spiritual development.
  8. Eliminate or minimize many difficulties or barriers in life.
  9. Allow you to let go of resistance ? the root cause of much pain and suffering in life.
  10. Safeguard businesses, corporations, organizations, governments, countries, etc. from potentially harmful influences.

Note from Mike:

Although the above 1-10 is quite a mouthful, anecdotal evidence supports it. It can not be replicated but it DOES happen, and often enough to at least allude to the possibility. Probability??NO. Possibility above average to allude to a significant cause effect relationship? YEP!!

Sadly, hyperbole is too often included so this "new age" movement suffers when its proponents become too willing to add "poetic license" and not label it as such.

More simply stated by Danielle Rose, MD. It provides space in the body and autonomic nervous system to allow a better balance between parasympathetic and sympathetic as well as release of pent up energies from past trauma and stress that bind up the communication between body and mind

From Candace Pert

The peptide-respiratory link is well documented: Virtually any peptide found anywhere else can be found in the respiratory center. This peptide substrate may provide the scientific rationale for the powerful healing effects of consciously controlled breath patterns.

Mind doesn't dominate body; it becomes body. Body and mind are one. I see the process of communication we have demonstrated, the flow of information throughout the whole organism, as evidence that the body is the actual outward manifestation, in physical space of the mind. Bodymind. At this molecular level there really was no distinction between the mind and the body.

Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert

From Dr. Erik Peper

Dr. Erik Peper of San Francisco State College has discovered that the most effective way for people to learn to breathe better is through modeling of the action by a skilled therapist or coach (11). In the foreword (8), Chandra Patel, M.D. of the University College London states that "the two components subjects feel they have benefited from most, and that they are willing to continue using, are awareness of stress and breathing exercises. Human nature makes it unlikely that most people, except those strongly motivated, will comply with a time consuming practice in the long term."