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  • Certified Breathwork Facilitator

  • Trained in Trauma-Informed Approach

Bethel Wagner first learned Integral Breathwork with Denis Ouellette. She then pursued certification as a Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator through Pause Breathwork. She teaches and facilitates breathwork both one-on-one and in group settings. Bethel works with people of all ages, including children and young people who may be struggling with anxiety or learning challenges such as ADHD. She believes that regular breathwork is an integral part of transforming and healing the body, mind, and spirit.

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Free Optimal Breathing Test

How good is YOUR breathing? Taking this Advanced Breathwork Test qualifies you to receive a free 15-minute, phone or virtual, follow-up consultation with Denis or another one of our qualified practitioners. 

This test will tell you more about yourself and your health—and how Optimal Breathing can help—than you would even think possible. It will prepare you for the next steps you need to take on your road to optimal health—naturally!

Attain Good Health with Our Optimal Breathing Techniques Articles

Bethel has been a columnist at Natural Life News for several years. In addition to the articles in this profile, you can go to find her wealth of knowledge and insight into so many aspects of natural health, including breathwork, nutrition and detoxification, managing stress and fatigue, thyroid health, and children’s issues.

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Try EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy), or use it simply to relax and energize. It improves your vitality, mood, and overall health. 

When you combine this machine with a face mask, with two tubes going to a floor-to-ceiling bag that’s filled with oxygen from your concentrator, you have the Turbo Oxygen System. 

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Bethel is offering a FREE, 15-minute consultation for those who have completed the Free Breathing Test. In her 1-hour sessions, you can significantly improve your breathing mechanics and volume. In the 90-minute session, Bethel can guide you safely and gently through a transformational Integral Breathwork™ session. Her specialties are in healing trauma and children’s issues. In addition, Bethel can work with you using several other natural, self-healing modalities.

Based on the initial FREE consultation, you can opt for either 60 minute or 90 minute consultation

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Articles by Bethel Wagner

The Power of Breath - You Are Your Own Medicine

For anyone suffering from chronic anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, or just a general feeling of being stressed out all the time, breathwork is priceless. 

Shift Your Emotions Through the Breath

The depth and pattern of your breathing strongly affect how you feel mentally and emotionally at any given moment. 

Optimal Breathing for Endocrine and Hormone Balance

Diaphragmatic breathing massages and gently stimulates the heart, spinal column, digestive organs, adrenal glands, and vagus nerve. 

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