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Learn to breathe correctly and naturally whenever, wherever you are! Breathing Kit with Digital Access is your key to a healthy lifestyle on the go. Techniques, books and constant support right on your device screen..

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Optimal Breathing Academy

Programs stemming from Insights from 85,000 Free Breathing Tests and my working with several thousand people over 25 years covering just about every age and facet of life including:

  • Easily followed, step by step by step, moment to moment, guided experiences, with:
  • Self checks, to make sure you got it;
  • Quizzes to help you remember it;
  • Exams to give you a sense of accomplishment, thus deepening your understanding and respect for why and how you breathe. You progress at your own speed and
  • It is yours for life. So we often say, Breath is life. Study the Breath, For life

10 Unique Courses for Breathing Development

  • Deepest Calm
  • Optimal Energy
  • Focus, Concentration
  • Smoking or Smoke Recovery
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Weight Management
  • Optimal Meditation Enhancement
  • Optimal Sleep
  • Singing, Speaking

Breathing Kit Digital Version on Optimal Breathing Academy

Optimal Breathing kit with digital access helps bring the best of Optimal Breathing Academy right onto your screens, anytime , anywhere. Feel more alive. Rid yourself of feelings of stress & tension and build-up your stamina; You will be able to focus better on everything around you. Young or old, everyone can rise up to their potential and up their quality of life simply, easily and in just a few clicks!