Master Your Focus, Concentration and Memory. 

  • Are you making attempts to concentrate but your mind is wandering around?

  • Have you ever thought of the laser-sharp focus you once had?

Our specially designed self-help program in the theme Focus, Concentration, and Memory program allows you to master the art of focus and concentration using proprietary breathing techniques and other supportive tools.

What is this program?

Get Optimal Sleep

Mastering focus and concentration aren’t easy as expected. Sure, many people are quite excited about learning the techniques to improve focus and concentration. But are they actually doing it?

In our contemporary world, where constant distractions superabound ubiquitously, focus has become a lost talent. This is really unpropitious.

“Focus, Concentration and Memory Program” in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit is a self-help program related to enhancing basic life skills including Focus, Concentration and Memory. 

Learn to focus amidst all the chaos and distractions abound.

  • Inhale to Concentrate

  • Enhanced Memory

  • Increased Focus

6 Key Benefits

For a healthy body and healthy mind



Better Stress management techniques

Reduced Agitation, Anxiety and Depression

Benefits of the Optimal Sleep Program

Enhances Learning


Reduces Attention Deficits and Hyperactivity




Give you a better digestion and detoxify your body


Helps you lose weight naturally to slim down more in shape


The natural ingredients convert excess fat into energy for the body


Reduces appetite


Burn fat naturally, without causing dehydration or feeling tired


Improve the quality of your sleep, leading to a healthier life

Why you need this...

To properly deal with any stimuli, one needs precise focus and concentration. As Steve Jobs said “Focusing is about saying NO” Yes, Focus happens when we say Yes to only one choice and No to all other Choices. Why wait to say yes for the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit? 

The $200,000 worth of videos, animations and proprietary information included in Mastery Kit aim at developing focus and concentration as well as enhancing memory.

Who's this program for?

This program is ideal for those who struggle with 

 drifts in concentration, focus and memory.

Mood Disorders: Anxiety, 

and Depression

Mild Cognitive 


Stress, Sedentary 

Behavior, Fatigue

How It Works?

  • Combines Ancient Wisdom

Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit is a comprehensive guide that combines ancient wisdom and extensive research done by Michael Grant White on breathing to help alleviate your problems through breathing improvement.

  • Experience Breathing

Reading about Breathing may not help you to do it right. Experiencing the right way of breathing using special tools that accelerate one's breathing, even changes your subconscious breathing in its regular use. 

  • Exercises and Techniques

Breathing Patterns activate brain regions connected to Focus and Concentration. Focus,Concentration,Memory Program includes breathing based memory enhancement and focus/concentration techniques.

  • Supportive Tools

Supportive tools such as Optimal Diaphragm Strengthener and Optimal Breathing Pattern Stabilizer are included to condition the lungs thereby increasing the energy

  • No More Attention-drifting

Focus,Concentration,Memory Program synergistically combines mechanics and chemistry to eliminate the possibilities of gradual decline in concentration, focus or memory. 

What will you get?

Get enhanced Concentration and better Memory with simple Breathing Exercises that are divided into various sections, Each section deals with the specific breathing exercise pattern, its benefits, sensing the breathing improvement, measuring the basic parameters, frequency and self-check. In addition to these, the curriculum provides two self assessment tests, one Memory, Focus, Concentration -Examination and bonus download.

  • Optimal Reflex Triggering Breathing Wave (ORTBW)

  • Get Started: The Optimal Breathing Window

  • The Optimal Breathing Window

  • Optimal Reflex Triggering Twist and Stretch (ORTTS)

  • Optimal Alternate Nostril Breathing

  • Shoulder Stretch/ Door Knob Stretch

  • Optimal Sit Bend and Breathe (OSBB)

  • Optimal Core Development (OCD)

  • The Watching Breath #150

  • Optimal Side-to-Side and Sound (OSSS)

  • Optimal Reflex Triggering With Straw (ORTWS)

  • Primary Resting Position (PRP & OBC)

  • Better Breathing Exercise 1 #120

  • Optimal Squeeze & Breathe

  • Optimal Diaphragm Strengthener(ODS)

  • The Optimal Strapping Technique Position 1, Upper Chest

  • The Optimal Strapping Technique Position 2, Mid-Chest

  • The Optimal Strapping Technique Position 4, Lower Torso, Pelvis

  • Self Assessment Part 1

  • Optimal Hemisphere Integration (OHI)

  • Optimal Leg Lift and Sound (OLLS)

  • Better Breathing Exercise 2 #130

  • The Optimal Strapping Technique Position 1, Upper Chest

  • The Optimal Strapping Technique Position 4, Lower Torso, Pelvis

  • Optimal Psoas Stretch (OPS)

  • Optimal Hip Circles (OHC)

  • Optimal Standing and Breathing (OSAB)

  • Optimal Circles and Bending (OCB)

  • Optimal Lie Poke and Breathe (OLPB)

  • Optimal Skin Pulls (OSP)

  • Optimal Neck Rolls (ONR)

  • Optimal Hip Circles (OHC)

  • Self Assessment Part 2

  • Memory, Focus, Concentration -Examination

  • Optimal Hemisphere Integration (OHI)

  • Bonus Download

It is a complete guide to help you ease your problems through breathing right. Includes $2,00,000 worth of videos, animations and proprietary information.

Does it work?