On Camera or Text Depending on The Space Available

On Camera or Text Depending on The Space Available

When you breathe in, you are taking in atoms into your body which all vibrate at a particular |frequency.

When those atoms are in contact with the inside of your body, they change a little bit and take on characteristics of you; of your frequency.

Over time, your consciousness can change some or all of 
those atoms inside of you into how you want them to be.
You breathe in the air around you and it could be filled with hate and anger.  If you are a happy 
and positive person, those atoms may make you feel less then good. But you have the ability to 
focus your will by purposefully breathing in new atoms and share your positive information 
with them, thereby changing them; similar to changing our genes via breathing, nutrition, exercise,
rest and thought. 

This action can change the environment around you to vibrate at the frequency of your choosing 
by first changing the tiny particles inside of you!  You become the master of your reality, simply 
by thinking and feeling that difference.

Through the law of attraction, information based on your perceived reality, when repeated often enough to establish new patterns of less or no resistance to more good, will influence the atoms which share portions of those new and desired frequencies. The information 
will travel inwards because you want it to.

Sly Stone used to say "What you see is what you get".  Seeing hopefully includes sensing or 
feeling. They influence each other. Breathe in, see, sense, feel, imagine how you want to be, and 
breathe out how you then are, moment to moment. 

All that is required is that you focus, breathe and think positive thoughts and focus on goals you 
wish to achieve.  Change your thoughts, feelings and reactions.  
Decide how you want to feel and feel it. Decide on how you wish to be and be that.  
Mentally direct this energy to heal parts of your body.  Expand your mind. Feed your soul.  

On our breathing out, the newly altered atoms share their new frequency with the rest of the 
world's atoms.  There are hundreds of thousands of people all across the planet which breathe 
in and out every day in order to manifest their own perception of reality! Some call it making 
ourselves happy and making others happy around them. 

Once you breathe through the confines of your previously perceived limitations, including 
"getting off it " or changing your attitude, you begin to see reality differently.  

Breathe with the R2B2. Visualize then and afterwards how and what you want to be and do and 
have.   Breath is life.

Dennis. Lots of stuff here. let's see how the menu system works to 
break this down 
. Get as much in as practical. 
There is a point where i will have to say "Stop
and go the Calming exercises, Guide Book or seek assistance" 



The Optimal Breathing® Complete Breath


  • Feel rested, energized, focused, with better mental clarity.
  • Utilizes the law of mass action to supercharge your blood with oxygen.
  • Used to recover energy loss from excessive activity. 

    • High efficiency and effortless aerobic exercise.
  • Enhances self regulation.
  • May aid release or resolution of emotions or toxicity issues.


Energy buildup. Feels like streaming, breeze-like sensations, currents, tingling 
in fingertips and feet, buzzing throughout your body.

No energy feelings? Reduce the pattern to 3, 2 or 1 held back (OBW 3-5 ) breath 
with the one deep (OBW 3-8) breath.  

Still no energy, do every breath a DEEP BELLY CHEST one.  Then back off to 
3+1 or 6+1 etc if you get too tingly, tight fingered or generally uncomfortable.

ENERGY ALERT:  Separate menu pages dennis. may take 2 or 3.

Too much energy? 
If you got dizzy, fingers become stiff which may be what is called tetany then wait a 
few minutes and/or change to a greater number of Belly breaths (OBW 3-5) and lesser number of deep Belly Chest breaths (OBW 3-8) such as with 20 held back (OBW 3-5) 
ones and one (OBW 3-8) deep one.  

Rest or walk it off to integrate the energy. Move around a lot as with the other 
energy exercises such as Optimal Hemisphere Integration.  If the dizziness does not 
subside this exercise is too much energy for you now. 

Come back to it in several weeks to months or get a BVS and try it wearing the BVS . 
If this repeats is may be something you need to address with professional 
assistance such as an Optimal Breathing Coach, experienced breathworker, 
somatic psychotherapist, medical qigong practitioner or teacher of Tai Chi 
Chuan or Tai Chi Chih. 

If your hands become too tense, you are exhaling too quickly. On the deep 
breath portion, slow down the exhale to 8-40 times longer than the inhale 
such as with OBP 12-40. Same depth of inhale.

Fatigue instead of energy?  Stop this exercise as you are either trying too hard 
or not able to do it properly.

If the above does not help, STOP this exercise and stay with the 
Calming OBPC6-20SpCB or Relaxed Focus  OBPRF22-40SpCB ones or get one on one instruction.

The self Strapping technique OSST, Core Development OCD , Circles and Bending OCB 
and Side-to-Side Strapping OSSST exercises will help acclimate with all this. 

REPEAT this VIDEO TRACK until you feel the exercise has become apparent then
proceed to the following practice portion.

The animations are done mostly standing for ease in visualizing but sitting is the way to do this one.


Close your eyes for a few breaths and notice your body energy, then open your eyes. Start with breathing in and out HALF belly breaths OBW 3-5 with the same speed you see to your right.

If you get a little dizzy stop until the dizziness subsides say 30-60 seconds.  If the dizziness does not subside this exercise is too much energy for you now.
Read the alerts.

Otherwise stay with this for a few minutes till you have it then click NEXT.

Optimal Breathing Pace


4SpCB  -  4 seconds per complete breath
click to enlarge

Then cut the OBW 3-5 and 5-3 breathing times in half and add one complete OBW 3-8 in-breath as you see here. BC stands for Belly Chest.

The one DEEP OBW 8 BC moves the breath wave up into the chest where you see the red diaphragm at its lowest and the chest at it largest.

You will later increase or decrease the number of held back BELLY breaths as you wish to increase or decrease the energy.

Optimal Breathing Pace

Follow this Belly - Belly Chest pattern until you get the feel of it then move on to the practice portion. 

click to enlarge


Notice your energy sensations throughout your body.

Nose breathe following the animated choices below.  Direct the energy where it is most wanted.

• Repeat 5 to 20 minutes or as long as time allows or you feel 
so energized you want to get up and go do something constructive, fun or 

  • Vary them as desired for more or less energy. 


When the good energy feelings are strong, use your mind, intention and 
allowing to direct energy to heal various areas of your body. Stay with the 
same area for at least a week to a month. Record any changes in healing. 
Begin with 4B1BC



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       Optimal Breathing PaceNEXT





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