Singing, Speaking and Personal Power Program

Be Empowered Vocally.

Be empowered vocally with our Singing, Speaking and Personal Power Theme to strengthen your vocal chords and unconditionally improve your voice.

Do you know that your voice is as unique as your fingerprints and DNA, making it one of the most crucial aspects of your identity? Voice conveys a lot of the emotional substance of your message: it determines the tone, intonation, and loudness of what you say, and it expresses subtle changes in intention and mood. It is often said that there is power in the tongue, but so much more of that power is contained more in the sound we produce than the words we say. 

What is this program?

Get Optimal Sleep

Our premier self-help program in the theme Singing, Speaking and Personal Power Program related to singing and speaking allows you to attain the singing voice you always wanted, expand your range of pitches, deliver a rousing presentation or simply gain confidence and charisma just by focusing on your voice. 

This specialized program also has the added benefit of strengthening the immune system, and improving respiratory health.

  • Improvement in Voice Resonance

  • Unconstraind Speech

  • Strengthening of Vocal Chords

Key Benefits

For a healthy body and healthy mind

Rapid chest expansion and increased lung volume

Expands vocal dynamic range

Holds notes and pitch longer

Breathing sequencing, patterning and coordination quickly retrained

More efficient tongue function

Postural and breathing musculo-skeletal balancing

Enjoy health benefits of better breathing

Immediate improvement

Singing helps COPD

Benefits of the Optimal Sleep Program

Connect emotions with content

Loosens the muscles in the area around the lungs and mid section, allowing for better flexibility of the breathing muscles

Speak and sing stronger and with less effort

Strengthened immune system

Respiratory health assessment

Reduce or eliminate pre-performance anxiety

How to talk so everyone will listen ted talk

In spite of everything some


Give you a better digestion and detoxify your body


Helps you lose weight naturally to slim down more in shape


The natural ingredients convert excess fat into energy for the body


Reduces appetite


Burn fat naturally, without causing dehydration or feeling tired


Improve the quality of your sleep, leading to a healthier life

Why do you need this? 

Theme #6 “Singing, Speaking and Personal Power” in Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit is a self-help program designed to enhance your voice resonance, make the voice more clear and assist in maintaining proper voice modulation if done right. This program includes simple breathing exercises that can help your speech or singing ability.

In everyday communication, only 8% is based on the words we speak. 38% is based on the sound of our voice, 54% on body language."When you consider the time spent on the phone, 92% of the information is communicated by the sound of our voice. Your voice is your second face. Make sure that gets the very best of care 

Here are some questions for you.

  • Does the sound of your voice played back on your answering machine make you cringe?

  • Do you find yourself short of breath when you talk on the telephone?

  • Do people have difficulty hearing you and constantly ask you to repeat yourself?

  • Does your voice tire at the end of the working day and sound raspy and weak?

  • Do you find yourself constantly clearing your throat with a vengeance?

  • After talking all day, does it feel as though there is a lump in your throat?

  • Do people constantly misunderstand you? Does your voice have a nervous quiver and shake when you talk? Does your voice feel weak when you try to loudly express yourself?

  • Do you have frequent colds that always settle in the throat area?

  • Do you hear your voice as high-pitched and irritating? Do strangers on the telephone think you are a child? (That's a little problem.)

  • Do strangers on the telephone think you are the opposite sex? (That's a big problem.)

  • Does your throat feel rough and dry when you are speaking?

  • Do you hear your voice as "lifeless" and dull?

  • Does your voice quality sound weaker in the morning and seem to improve as the day goes on?

  • Are you a heavy breather?

  • When faced with a confronting situation does your voice feel tight and "squeezed" causing the pitch to go up? Does your voice sound nasal and thin?

If the answer to any one of the questions above is YES, it’s the time for you to try our powerful Singing, Speaking and Personal Power Program. The $2,00,000 worth of videos, animations and proprietary information included in Mastery Kit help you to attain a precise awareness of what you sound like.

Who's this program for?

Singing, Speaking and Personal Power Program is ideal for those

 who desire to achieve alouder, clear and relaxed voice.

  • Must-Try for Singers/Aspiring Singers

  • Must-Try for Orators

  • Voice Disorders and Speech Issues

  • Spasmodic Dysphonia: Voice Disorders due to involuntary spasms in larynx muscles: Leadsto breakage of voice and constrained, suppressed voice quality

  • Laryngitis: Laryngitis is an infection of the larynx that causes huskiness or loss of voice, as well as rough breathing and a severe cough.

  • Stuttering: a speech disorder characterised by recurrent difficulties with usual fluency and flow of speech.

  • Other Speech Improvement Goals

How it works?


Ancient Wisdom

Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit is a comprehensive guide that combines ancient wisdom and extensive research done by Michael Grant White on breathing to help alleviate your problems through breathing improvement.


Right Way of Breathing

Reading about Breathing may not help you to do it right. Experiencing the right way of breathing using special tools that accelerate one's breathing, even changes your subconscious breathing in its regular use. 

Breathe Right for 

Stronger Voice

Breathing in the right way is a crucial skill for developing a stronger, more projective voice. Speaking with a fuller breath will make you feel more assertive and physically comfortable, provide your communication with more dynamism and allow you to talk with an energetic vocal tone.

Breathing Techniques for Voice Quality Enhancement

This unique and powerful program incorporates simple, yet highly effective breathing exercises for good voice management. Supportive tools such as Optimal

Diaphragm Strengthener and Optimal Breathing Pattern Stabilizer are included to condition the lungs thereby increasing the stamina.

What will you get?

Get enhanced voice resonance and vocal chord strengthening with simple Breathing Exercises that are divided into various sections, Each section deals with the specific breathing exercise pattern, its benefits, sensing the breathing improvement, measuring the basic parameters, frequency and self-check. In addition to these, the curriculum provides two self assessment tests, one Singing/Speaking Examination andbonus download.

Course Curriculum

  • Get Started-The Optimal Breathing Window (OBW)

  • Optimal Reflex Triggering Breathing Wave (ORTBW)

  • Optimal Reflex Triggering Twist and Stretch (ORTTS)

  • Optimal Reflex Triggering Twist and Stretch (ORTTS)

  • Optimal Leg Lift and Sound (OLLS)

  • Optimal Sit Bend and Breathe (OSBB)

  • Optimal Psoas Stretch (OPS)

  • Optimal Core Development (OCD)

  • Optimal Hemisphere Integration (OHI)

  • Optimal Squeeze & Breathe

  • Optimal Diaphragm Strengthener(ODS)

  • The Optimal Strapping Technique Position 1, Upper Chest

  • The Optimal Strapping Technique Position 2, Mid-Chest

  • The Optimal Strapping Technique Position 4, Lower Torso, Pelvis

  • Optimal Breathing Shoulders Back

  • Optimal Breathing Shoulders Forward (OSF)

  • Optimal Side-to-Side Strapping Technique (OSSST)

  • Optimal Side-to-Side and Sound (OSSS)

  • Optimal Rib Raise and Sound (ORRS)

  • Optimal Alternate Nostril Breathing

  • Optimal Reflex Triggering Yawn Chair (ORTYC)

  • Optimal Neck Rolls (ONR)

  • Optimal Hip Circles (OHC)

  • Optimal Hemisphere Integration (OHI)

  • Self Assessment Part 2

  • Singing/Speaking -Examination

  • Bonus Download

  • Self Assessment Part 1

It is a complete guide to help you ease your problems through breathing right. Includes $2,00,000 worth of videos, animations and proprietary information.

Does it work?