Smoking or Smoking Recovery

Smoking or Smoke Recovery



Smoking or Smoke Recovery Program

No one can honestly say they are unaware of the damage that smoke inhalation or smoking anything causes, especially to the lungs and the capacity to breathe. While smoking provides some short term benefits of relaxing or energizing, optimal breathing provides the same benefits and more without the harmful side effects. Be the BOSS and allow the Smoking or Smoke Inhalation Recovery theme to help you quit easily and/or repair and enhance a great deal of your damaged lung and breathing capacity.

You are the B O S S 

Breathe Optimally and Stop Smoking

The Holistic Solution to Smoking Cessation and Simultaneous Lung Function Improvement.

I (Mike White) am 74 years old and 6'2". I smoked for 20 years and quit 40 years ago. According to the American Thoracic Society I now have the lung volume of a 6'6" 20 year old. You CAN improve lung function and volume and faster then most realize.

Smoker's annual expenditure for cigarettes:

Pack/ Day $/Day $/Week $/Month $/Year
1 $3.50 $24.50 $105.00 $1260.00
1.5 $5.25 $36.75 $147.50 $1764.50
2 $7.00 $49.00 $196.00 $2352.00
2.5 $8.75 $61.25 $245.50 $2940.50

Testimonial Scientifically backed

Nicotine addiction is the world's leading cause of preventable death, as it results in over 4 MILLION smoking-related deaths a year.

December 2002. A recent study announced in the American Journal of Epidemiology reports that a reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked each day, does not reduce the risk of death from tobacco-related diseases.

Reducing the number of cigarettes smoked did not result in any long-term benefit in terms of mortality risk compared with not cutting down at all. 20,000 people over a 15-year period were included in this study. Quitters experienced a 35% reduction in mortality.

The researchers also found no difference in respiratory disease or mortality from cardiovascular disease between people who reduced their smoking and those who continued to smoke heavily. 

The authors note that the study is the first, to their knowledge, to prospectively investigate whether reducing cigarette smoking can cut mortality risk. Am J Epidemiol 2002;156994-1001.

Below is the ceiling of a smokers lounge.


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The B O S S

Suppresses your craving for smoking

Your system detoxified and nicotine-free!

Critical foods issues handled

Strengthens the immune system

Guards against weight gain

The patch works only 22% of the time

The gum works only 6% of the time

Our program

This smoke inhalation and smoking recovery program combines superior combinations of natural side-effect-free homeopathics, breathing development techniques and exercises, information about developing healthy lungs naturally, toxic foods, lifestyle considerations, and landmark information about the tobacco industry conspiracy's illness and death causing strategies. . 

Each Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit includes ALL of the themes. Choose the theme you prefer now and change it over time if and when your goals change.

It puts YOU back in charge of your breathing and your life.

There is absolutely no risk to this program.

If you wish to exchange some of the products you may call or email us for that.

Because this is a complete smoke inhalation and smoking recovery program, there is a very high success rate when you follow the program. Compare this to the "patch" which has only a 22% success rate or the gum which has only a 6% success rate.

Both of those products try to wean you off slowly by providing small amounts of nicotine. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin, cocaine or alcohol.

You don't try to cure an alcoholic by giving them a small drink every day.

They need to completely eliminate the addictive substance and then you support them with nutrition, psychological reinforcement and proper breathing.

Our world class smoke inhalation and smoking recovery program makes an unbeatable combination and will outperform ALL other products such as Nicorette Gum, Nicoderm Patch, Kickit, Zybann, Ziban, and Zibann.


Because it combines superior combinations of herbs and craving suppressors AND I include addressing the way you breathe. The breathing element is totally overlooked by ALL other products.

$200,000 worth of videos, animations and proprietary information. 

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You can stop smoking in one week. Smoking cessation, quitting smoking cigarettes, becoming smokeless, however you want to think of it, without nicotine patches, Nicorette Gum, Nicoderm Patch, Zybann, Ziban, Zibann, nicorette gum, or nicoderm patches is at your fingertips right now.

You already know the relationship between smoking and lung cancer, smoking and emphysema, smoking and carcinogens.

This approach is a lot about smoking and breathing. Smoking addiction is beatable. Changing the way you breathe makes the entire quitting process easier.

You can end it simply, once and for all. Stop craving cigarettes and heed the surgeon general’s warning. Do it now.

About Breathing and Smoking

The stop smoking TV ads talk about smoking being the leading cause of impotence. Read on and learn how nicotine gives one the feeling of oxygen without the oxygen itself.

"If you smoke, you definitely do not know how to breathe. Nicotine creates the illusion of satisfying breathing." Michael Grant White

I have been studying the breath for twenty five years. When you compare smoking with breathing, you see many identical results.

What helps you

Deal with stress?

Calm down when you were feeling tense?

Peps you up when you are feeling lethargic?

Helps you concentrate more effectively?

Makes it easier to control unpleasant feelings?

Produces a mild state of euphoria?

Answer: Nicotine

The good news is that you can get almost identical results from nicotine by just breathing in a special way. The question is HOW are you supposed to breathe and for how long? And does your body, chemistry, structure, tensions, postures, and unresolved emotions help or hinder a fully functional in and or out breath?

Nicotine free cigarettes are so unacceptable that researchers have sometimes been unable to use them for research purposes.

Some people have been able to kick smoking with something that just makes them breathe better. The odds for success improve dramatically when you integrate craving controls and cleansing elements together with relaxation and attitudinal approaches.

Smoking and Breathing Similarities

People smoke for POSITIVE BENEFITS, not because of fear of withdrawal: that comes much later. Nicotine temporarily improves brain chemistry by enhancing pleasure, decreasing anxiety, and stimulating an alert relaxation.

Insight: If you want to feel energized you need to do a different breathing exercise than if you want to sleep or relax.

Smoking also helps concentration, helps keep one from being bored, boring, or confused (lighting a cig gives you time to collect your thoughts during conversation).

So will specific ways of addressing how you breathe.

Adrenaline and dopamine are influenced by nicotine. By selecting the desired nicotine dose, smokers can choose the state of mind or being most suited to an activity. So can the way you breathe. That is a key way actors create the mood and emotions they need for the parts they are playing. Their thoughts can guide their emotions that are expressed or limited by the way they breathe.

Smoking helps maintain alertness for boring tasks.

Smoking helps you narrow your attention to the most important aspects of the task at hand. So will breathing a certain way.

Smoking helps control anger and anxiety. That’s because you have to breathe more deeply and in a certain way to inhale the smoke.

Smoking helps deal with stress. So does optimal breathing.

Smoking helps smokers deal with pain. So do our reflex development exercises

Smoking gives smokers a sense of control. Breathing exercises have been used for thousands of years to develop mental focus.

From Tom Ferguson, MD* in italics Mike's comments in bolded type

"When you breathe in a lung-full of smoke the carbon monoxide passes immediately into your blood binding to the oxygen receptor sites and figuratively kicking the oxygen molecules out of your red blood cells. Hemoglobin that is bound to carbon monoxide is converted into carboxyhemoglobin, and is no longer able to transport oxygen."

Thus breathing in nicotine gives you the perception of having breathed in oxygen but without the actual oxygen.

If you continue to smoke for several weeks, your number of red cells begins to increase, as your body responds to chronic oxygen deprivation. This condition of an abnormally high concentration of red blood cells is called smoker’s polycythemia*. Your blood clots more easily as well, increasing risk of heart attack or stroke.

Smokers bodies get less oxygen because carbon monoxide lowers their blood oxygen carrying capacity. But you get the perception of oxygen from the nicotine. The high concentration of carbon monoxide reduces the brain oxygen supply causing lethargy, confusion and muddled thinking. The nicotine brings many factors back into balance; synthetically. So does oxygen, naturally.

Produces a mild state of euphoria?

After Quitting

Those who quit reduce the risk of cancer almost immediately. Smoking will reduce functional lung volume by as much as 50% Framingham Study and weaken long term diaphragmatic strength Functional lung volume is different from real lung volume. Modern medicine seems to say that one cannot add lung volume. I agree, I think. The way I see it and after studying the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS MEDICINE newest manual, it is not the volume that is increased but more lung tissue is engaged, even reactivated.

When the diaphragm increases its rise and the ribs increase their usual expansion, they allow more tissue to expand. Like blowing up a three liter balloon in a one liter bottle then getting a two liter bottle that allows the balloon to expand more in the larger bottle. Cessation of smoking will arrest the deterioration but you have to do specific exercises and techniques to increase the functional volume and regain what you lost.

Exercise - "The ones who participated in aerobic exercise were the ones most likely to quit." stated psychologist Olvide Pomerleau, director of Behavioral Medicine University of Michigan School of Medicine.

Regular physical activity induces biochemical changes within the body. Some of these changes are similar to those produced by nicotine. Exercise boosts catecholamines, producing increased mental alertness. And sustained exercise increases the brain’s production of endorphins, which produce euphoria and a pleasant relaxed feeling.

Hundreds of letters came in telling how impossible cessation had been before beginning an exercise program. When smokers start exercising they frequently find themselves quitting even without meaning to.

1. 2. "Humorous" smoking video

When we breathe easier, we feel more like exercising. And the exercising we do has more beneficial effects.

NUTRITION included with BOSS Program

Support - Those with social support were successful.

If one’s breathing is blocked enough, they may well be less likely to relate to or accept support from others.

Abuse and trauma victims, including recent surgery recipients, the homeless and prison inmate populations are particularly vulnerable to this.

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People have already purchased these programs to greatly improve their health.

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