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Denis began breathwork in the late 1970s, training in California with breathwork pioneers. He is certified under Michael Grant White of Optimal He has facilitated thousands of breathwork sessions and has led large workshops in the US and Canada.

Denis W. Ouellette - Certified Optimal Breathing Development Specialist

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Free Optimal Breathing Test

How good is YOUR breathing? Taking this Advanced Breathwork Test qualifies you to receive a free 15-minute, phone or virtual, follow-up consultation with Denis or another one of our qualified practitioners. 

This test will tell you more about yourself and your health—and how Optimal Breathing can help—than you would even think possible. It will prepare you for the next steps you need to take on your road to optimal health—naturally!

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Oxygen Concentrator Machines 

Try EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy), or use it simply to relax and energize. It improves your vitality, mood, and overall health. 

When you combine this machine with a face mask, with two tubes going to a floor-to-ceiling bag that’s filled with oxygen from your concentrator, you have the Turbo Oxygen System. 

As you breathe in this abundant oxygen while exercising (treadmill, elliptical, etc.), your workouts get supercharged! Praised by athletes and centenarians alike!

Want More? 12 Ways to Engage!

Here’s a buffet of options for people who want to learn more about breathing and all forms of natural health. 

  • Denis’ groundbreaking book, and his videos and audios to explore. 

  • Mike White’s lifetime of highly-researched articles on almost every conceivable aspect of natural health. 

  • Mike’s Breath Mastery Kit, with over 100 breathing exercises.

  • audio file with 3 breathing patterns to assist you in doing 'Transformational Breathwork'

… and more!

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Get a Free Voice Lesson to improve your breath support and singing.

Steven is offering a FREE, 30-minute voice lesson so you can see if the FLAM Voicework Method can help you improve and whether it is right for you.

In a 1-hour lesson, we can significantly improve your breath support and every aspect of your singing can improve.

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Articles by Denis Ouellette

New Paradigms for Healing Post -Traumatic Stress

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is seen most dramatically in soldiers returning from war, but is prevalent also...

Getting the Sexes Together - It’s About Where You Breathe!

Full, diaphragmatic breathing that encompasses the whole torso is not common for either men or women.

Oxygen is Like 


Full, diaphragmatic breathing that encompasses the whole torso is not common for either men or women.

Enlightening Interviews 

with Steven

Learn how makes Diaphragm Target Training makes FLAM Voicework unique and the magical benefits to your singing,

breathing, health and life.

Great to help prevent or heal from vocal stress and Injury,  C.O.P.D., and Asthma.


Transform Your Breath Support 

and Singing with Steven