The Awesome Consistent and Effortless Healing Powers of Mother Earth

Why does camping feel so good to so many? The fresh air and negative ions for sure but another reason 
is the electrical connection with the earth. Some call it grounding. 

I have always felt a greater connection to the Earth and a certain invigorating energy walking barefoot. Freshly cut lawn grass or soft sand at the beach has a certain connectivity that makes me feel better. Never thought of why but I sensed it was healthy. Lately I’ve been hearing about long distance champion runners who never wear shoes. Hmmmm.

I recently learned that the surface of the Earth is brimming with an unlimited supply of free electrons that 
create a gentle and undulating signal. This electrical signal compliments the earth’s energy fields and for many 
can be a missing link to health, healing and even longevity.

Now we can get a lot of the benefits of camping outdoors without risking getting bitten by a bear, snake, 
mosquito or nearby camper (wink). 

Being connected to the Earth, either by being barefoot outside or using a mouse pad or bed sheets connected 
one to a ground rod outside or plugged into a grounded wall outlet that works even in the top floor 
of a sky high building; shoes with similar connectors to grass and even concrete and the free electrons that 
flow into the body. 

We become subtly but instantly vitalized by the electromagnetic power of mother earth and her energizing and healing powers. 

Here is a short list of benefits:
*Defuses inflammation and improves or eliminates symptoms 
  of man inflammation-related disorders
*Reduces or eliminates pain
*Improves sleeping in most cases as it did for me
*Increases energy
*Lowers stress and promotes calmness in the body by 
  cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones.
*Normalizes the body’s biological rhythms
*Improves blood pressure and flow
*Relieves muscle tension and headaches
*Lessons menopausal and menstrual symptoms.

The discovery of these and other life nurturing benefits is documented in a fascinating book 
written by a renowned cardiologist and two open minded alternative health leaders. It comes free with orders when you mention Michael White of Optimal Breathing

“I regard it is as the greatest health breakthrough in all my years in medical practice. It restores the body’s natural electrical state, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. No pill on Earth can do what this does!” Stephen Sinatra, MD  Download Health Freedom Magazine report PDF

After many years of research and development, Clint Ober has created, what I believe to be, the greatestmost comfortable (and beneficial) bed of all time: The Earthing Mattress!  I ONLY sleep grounded, no matter where I go... and now I not only sleep connected to the Earth, but I am also on a mattress made from CertiPUR-US Certified foam with an organic cotton cover. This is a mattress that has been independently laboratory tested and certified to meet voluntary standards for content, emission, and durability.

  • Low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality
  • Content tested
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs
  • Made without mercury, lead, or heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without prohibited phthalates
  • Durability and performance tested

And Neutral Posture Positioning Technology improves health by reducing Musculoskeletal Stress:

5 Layer Anatomic Design

3 Unique Memory Foam Layers

2 High-Density Base Layers

No Hammocking

No "Springy" Push-Back

With Organic Cotton and Silver Stretch Cover
This exclusively designed Organic Cotton, Silver and Spandex fabric cover works with the memory foam and anatomic support layers to provide a highly compliant sleep surface. Silver is naturally anti-microbial and very conductive.

This is, by far, the BEST mattress ever!!

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