The Exercise Cure, Weight Control and More

The Exercise Cure, Weight Control and More

Exercise Cure

Our work is germane to breathing development and how that relates to everything else in life. 

That includes exercising in general which is a huge study in of itself. Recently our Optimal Breathing kit has been integrated into the Doctorate program for Advanced Athletic Training (DAT) at the University of 'Idaho. "As the nation's first Advanced Doc Doctor of Athletic Training (DAT), this program is designed to improve your clinical practice through advanced manual therapy techniques and analysis of patient outcomes in an applied research focus."

The Exercise Cure is the latest and best book on exercise I have read in many years.
With the exception of Salute to the Sun yoga which I dislike due it upper shoulder girdle and related breathing restrictions Dr. Metzl wisely stays away from breathing per se.

Here are a few pages I think we all need to know. I encourage you to get the book and then intersperse what you learn there with our breathing development approaches. 


Naturopath review   Pages160 163