Tips - Road Rage

Tips - Road Rage

Road Rage

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The antidote

Where ever your breathing is now, force breath out at any point of the inhale or exhale.  Do not breathe in first.  Just exhale where ever your breathing is at the moment. Exhale until you have no breath left then let a big deep easy in breath come in all by itself. 

Do this 5 times now. Practiced often enough and it will become automatic. It can stifle a panic, anger or startle reflex and give you time to contain yourself.  Practice it daily and help it by squeezing in your stomach muscles to push breath out even more then you thought you could. Go deeper until it hurts a little. Then let it come in all by itself.  No pain though. Make it intense..  Do this several times daily until it becomes more automatic. Do it again now......... And again.

When you are not driving, develop your breathing for Deepest Calm.

Primary O2 deficiency causes an O2 deficit in the cell wall cells of the venous capillary end, which then swell and thereby lead to a narrowing of the vessel with reduced blood flow.
People with an unbalanced breathwave are oxygen and life-force starved; they are often nervous or anxiety prone and suffer from unnecessary worries; they have low energy, experience depression, confusion, chronic tension, powerlessness and physical ills.

How good is YOUR breathing?