Symptoms and Root Causes of Vagus Nerve Dysfunction 
My notes.
Brain to organs:
Greatly influences vocal chords; heart rate; rapid shallow breathing; slow digestion; 16-20 hours transit time; breathing pattern-high chest; detoxification; Apnea- throat muscles collapse due partly to VN dysfunction; sleep-recovery; Gut acid production; influences microbiome; 70% of immune system is in lining of the gut;  neutralizing toxins and breaking down of foods; attempts to moderate inflammation to acceptable levels; chronic inflammation bad diet invites bacterial overgrowth; worms, viruses, parasites, yeasts break down gut lining; liver = 500 functions: filter, blood sugar monitor, glutathione increases ability to handle toxic exposures of plastics, metals, personal products or they pass into the body; pancreas greatly depends on liver function; liver and pancreas must work together via the VN;  Stress equals adrenaline and cortisol: it raises glucose levels so adding more sugar wears out both liver and pancreas. Excess sugary diets stores as fat and fatty liver.


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a Measure of Vagus Function 
My notes.
Reflects what is going on. Makes us more aware. Needs to be higher differences: faster on inhale and slower on exhale; measure over 24 hours; negative emotional sate flattens it out - less variable;  love, kindness, patience, peace, increases HRV; influenced by blood pressure, hormonal balance, bran rhythms, organ info sent to brain much more then brain sends to organs = 9%-10%; HRV can modulate perception; When high HRV it can foster faster reaction times; better decision making; coherence. 
STRESS-CONFLICT-SELF REGULATION-FAILURE all greatly reflective in HRV; Breathing module activity from brain to heart. Breathing can cause greater or lesser HRV shifting into or out of coherence.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Neuroplasticity
My notes.

Optimizing Vagus Function to Promote Healing

Connecting the Vagus Nerve, Emotions and Gut Function  (One of my favorites)

BEN LYNCH (I know Ben. He is GREAT. I worked on his breathing.)
Epigenetics of Chronic Stress

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Session of the Day: Guided Meditation


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