Peace Within (Download)


Recorded Tibetan musical/meditation instruments called "singing " bowls, bells and Tingshas. This is background meditation music at its very best. Sound massage, chakra balancing and vibrational healing combined. No exercises here. Open to the state of flow.

The Tibetan answer to the Mozart effect. 50 minutes total. CD or digital download.

TIBETAN and HIMALAYAN BOWLS, BELLS AND TINGSHAS remind us that the healing power of vibration and sound has been utilized for centuries. Modern physics and Magnetic Resonance Imaging has proven that a healthy body is a living entity of balanced vibrations and wavelengths. Each organ is finely tuned and vibrates only at its own frequency, while the frequency of the sick organ is disturbed.

The singing bowl tones set up a "frequency following response" that creates an energetic balancing and a right/left brain synchronization. They cause the mind to quiet and the body to experience feelings of release, relaxation, order or stimulation:

In the West, people use them for meditation, centering, healing, stress reduction, chakra balancing, "sound massage', and New Age Music. Their unshortened natural wave lengths create more subtle interval distinctions than the artificially shortened "even tempered" intervals created by Bach and widely used since the sixteenth century. According to Tibetan oral tradition the usage of Singing Bowls existed in 560 B.C. The tradition probably dates back earlier as Bon shamans still use the bowls in replications of their ancient rituals and many Buddhist concepts were borrowed from Vedic Traditions which existed long before Buddha's enlightenment.

It is said that the Tibetan "Singing" Bowls produce the primordial sound of OM. The late venerable Rinpoche Karmapa Lama once stated that the music produced was the "sound of the void." The natural tones in this recording are unaltered by any electronic affect.

"Release your mind of expectation and you will feel their sacred richness deep inside." m.g.w.

"Those bowls! What an incredible experience.  I tried to stay sitting up while they were playing and finally just had to lie down on the couch and let them take over and bring me under their healing power."  M.D., NYC, NY

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