The Breath of Life and Vitality (Download)


Join Mike and Russell J. Martino, nationally syndicated radio show host as they discuss live on radio several key factors that you MUST know about breathing to live a LONG happy, healthy, life.

Topics covered:

  • Is there a right way to breathe?
  • How breathing poorly reduces your quality of life and life span.
  • Why your doctor may not know about optimal breathing?
  • Why is the idea of deep breathing so misleading to people.
  • Do you really need inhalers?
  • How do you know if you are breathing well?
  • Drug free way to reduce asthma attacks.
  • Importance of nutrition for optimal breathing.
  • Safest and most effective breathing exercise you can do and why.
  • Deep insights about optimal breathing and living
  • This introduces the Optimal Breathing Kit which is HOW you make the changes to the way you breathe. The Kit includes a free copy of this CD.