B12 Liquid

B12 Liquid is a hypoallergenic liquid supplement formulated with methylcobalamin to support neurological health, RBC function, energy metabolism and emotional well-being.

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B12 Liquid 


B12 is a nutritional supplement that aids in the health and function of nerve cells in the brain. Vitamin B12 also known as methylcobalamin, is an highly bioavailable form of vitamin B12, to support cognitive function. 












Offers a neurological system support

Activated form of B12 promotes protein synthesis

Supports the function of Red Blood Cells (RBC)

Helps regulate glutamate levels in the brain to promote healthy brain cell activity

Supports  memory, mood, and cognitive function.

Promotes emotional wellness

Serves as a cofactor for energy metabolism

Contains 1000mcg of vitamin B12 in one ml (0.03 fl.oz)

Convenient, delicious liquid formulation for easy delivery

Made with hypoallergenic, vegetarian ingredients 

Gluten-free formula

Certified non-GMO

No added colors or sugars

Principal Ingredients & Amount per Serving 

Vitamin B12- 1000 mcg

Stevia - 0.5 mg

Suggested Use

Serving Size: 1 ml (0.03 fl.oz)

Take  1–3 ml daily, in divided doses, with meals, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner

Available Quantities

1 oz- 30 ml

No.of Capsules

1 bottle- 1 oz 

3 bottles- 1 oz each


1 bottle- 1 oz- $17.95

3 bottles- 1 oz each- $45.95

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