CPAP/BIPAP Universal Adaptor for Oxygen Machines

This universal BIPAP/CPAP adaptor connects to your oxygen machine and tubing. Purchase this adaptor for your O2 concentrator online.

The universal CPAP/BiPAP oxygen adaptor connects the Oxygen Concentrator to the CPAP machine fitting and CPAP tubing. The oxygen supply hose is connected to the side port. The capped oxygen port permits you to close the connector when it is not used and to keep the CPAP system operating at maximum potential without the inconvenience of disconnecting the connector completely.


  • Fits perfectly with standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing
  • Equipped with capped Oxygen port
  • Connector has a 22mm ID connection at one end and a 22mm OD connection at the other end to fit perfectly with standard CPAP tubing
  • Latex-free material
  • Made with strong, durable plastic which has high resistance to breakage.