Nattokinase 50 mg

Nattokinase 50 mg -Cardiovascular Health Supplement


Nattokinase is a profibrinolytic serine protease originally extracted and purified from natto, a traditional fermented soybean food popular in Japan. The fermentation process includes incubating boiled soybeans with Bacillus subtilis natto.

Current research suggests that nattokinase may support healthy coagulation of blood within normal levels, and may be useful in the maintenance and enhancement of normal healthy endogenous fibrinolysis, the dissolution of the essential portion of the blood clot or thrombus.


  • It is good for your cholesterol levels
  • Nattokinase can reverse atherosclerosis.
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • Like aspirin, it thins the blood and also dissolves blood clots
  • It dissolves spike protein and breaks down blood clots
  • Nattokinase may help prevent infection


Principal Ingredients & Amount per Serving

  • Each serving of 2 capsules contains:
  • Nattokinase NSK-SD® (soy) (2000 FU): 100 mg


Suggested Use

  • Serving Size: 2 capsules
  • As a dietary supplement, 2 capsules two times daily initial dose, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. May be taken with or without food. Take with 8-10 ounces of water.



  • Nattokinase can dissolve blood clots. So people taking blood thinner medication may be at a higher risk of bleeding.
  • If taken with anticoagulant drugs, use under medical supervision. Contraindicated in any condition associated with bleeding


Available Quantities

  • 1 bottle (90 vegcaps)
  • 3 bottles (90 vegcaps each)
  • 1 bottle (300 vegcaps)