Optimal Diaphragm Strengthener (ODS)

The Optimal Diaphragm Strengthener is a respiratory muscle trainer. Buy this resistive breathing device to condition your lungs online at Breathing.com.

Optimal Diaphragm Strengthener (ODS) helps condition your lungs, creates pulmonary resistance, strengthens your diaphragm, and thus makes your lungs work harder. When your lungs work harder, the surface area and elasticity of alveoli are increased, thus increasing your stamina and ability to go harder at your sport. Simply put, this increases energy for your daily activities.

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  • Resistive breathing device you to breathe more diaphragmatically
  • Isometric exerciser for lungs and diaphragm muscle
  • Strengthens the diaphragm
  • Decreases sleeping problems such as insomnia and snoring
  • Boosts metabolism and dramatically lowers appetite
  • Reduces the tendency for shallow breathing
  • As a result of fat burning, energy levels are increased
  • Develops lung capacity for full relaxed inhalation during quiet breathing
  • Used regularly/properly, this device will help curtail smoking while at the same time increasing lung capacity
  • May aid troubled breathing
  • May aid hyperventilation syndrome/over-breathing.
  • May help to regulate abnormal low-level carbon dioxide or phosphate body shortages
  • Increases ability for longer and smoother tones
  • Increases ability for more accurate tones via longer and smoother breath support
  • Eliminates space between wind-based musical phrases - fewer pauses
  • Allows a musician to vocalize or play out more


  • Included in Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit
  • Respiratory muscle trainer device
  • Gentle and self-limiting device to reduce over-training

Intended Users

ODS benefits anyone who recognizes the replenishing, restorative value that comes with properly balanced deep breathing, improved inhalation and exhalation, more energy, better sleep, and much more.