Humidifier Bottle for Oxygen Concentrator Machines

This humidifier water bottle is designed to be used with our most oxygen concentrator machines. Purchase this bottle to humidify your oxygen.

Oxygen Machine Water Bottle, also known as Humidifier Bottle, is used to humidify the Oxygen supplied to the user. Connect the threaded female end to the top of the water bottle and the other end to the male nipple port of the machine.


  • Included with the Turbo Oxygen System
  • Easy to install and use
  • Safe, bold and durable
  • Component of Oxygen Enhanced Exercise (O2E2) Concentrator
  • Fits well with most Oxygen Concentrators available
  • Equipped with inlet on top and outlet on the side
  • Made with Polycarbonate Material
  • Portable


  • Recommended to clean the humidifier bottle weekly
  • Change the water in the humidifier bottle on a daily basis
  • Use distilled water to prevent calcium build-up in water chambers