Many solutions in one bottle, a synergistic blend of powerful nutritional supplements designed to deliver additional oxygen, major and trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, which are all so very necessary for good health.

Mr. Oxygen's OxyLift drops – Daily oxygen & mineral booster. A super concentrate.

Remember, being healthy is easier than getting healthy. OxyLift gives the body what it needs to stay strong. Don't wait until your health is in crisis or supplies become limited. 

Rebuilding Used properly, Mr. Oxygen's OxyLift™ drops are a gentle long-term daily nutritional supplement. As the body uses the OxyLift nutrients over a period of time, patience is required. For every seven years of life, one year of OxyLift™ supplementation is suggested to help the body counteract the built-up wastes and microbes and to help build up mineral and oxygen reserves deep within body cells. Individual results will always vary.

External Use

OxyLift™ can be diluted and used directly on the skin for slowly aiding and expediting healing. Try it on insect or jellyfish bites. Do not use in the eyes or undiluted in the nostrils. Keep off non-living organics.


Mr. Oxygen's OxyLift™ drops are a stable synergistic proprietary product. OxyLift™ is a blend of Nano-Ionic Pristine Sea-Source Major and Trace Minerals, Hydrogen Isotopes, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Fruit Acids, & Enhanced Ultra-Purified Structured Water & Subtle Energies.

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The Cause of Most Illnesses can be traced ultimately to diminished body intake of oxygen, minerals, nutrients, and a lack of internal cellular cleanliness. Without daily plentiful amounts of oxygen, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, none of the body’s immune-system maintenance, waste elimination, and repair processes can function correctly. The body cannot eliminate its toxic waste without sufficient intake of oxygen, and experts teach that a chronic lack of oxygen ultimately leads to illness. Energy loss can usually be attributed to oxygen and mineral deprivation within the body.


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