Jun 26 , 2019


Blood Oxygen vs Muscle Oxygen for Training: What is the Difference?

A common misconception we often see is athletes using the metrics blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) interchangeably. Both measure oxygen, however they measure in different parts of the body and mean very different things with regards to optimizing athletic performance. 

Mar 12 , 2019


Why Does Misdiagnosis Occur?

There are many ways that a diagnosis can go wrong. There may be contributing factors from any of the players: 1. Patient/Client It seems poor f...

Mar 05 , 2019


Breathing Exercise Variables Versus Fundamentals

Breathing supplies your body with oxygen, removes excess carbon dioxide (CO2) and other toxins. But the way you breathe — whether fast or slow, shallow or deep - forced or effortless - also sends messages to your body that affect your mood, stress level, blood pressure, immune system, organ function and more.

Dec 18 , 2018


Cure your Breathing Problems with Breathing Exercises

Have you ever taken really good notice of your breathing? Many of us don’t breathe deeply enough or in the right balance. Many of us hold our breath a lot. But most of us won’t ever know this because, unless we have been diagnosed with some kind of breathing disorder or miraculously experience the right breathing balance, ease and depth, we will have no reality or experience of good breathing and we won’t be able to feel it in its optimal form. There is a right way to breathe so that it "feels" right and you KNOW it is right.

Nov 22 , 2018



Pranayama "Just as lions, elephants and tigers are gradually controlled, so the prana is controlled through right practice. Otherwise the practi...

Jun 21 , 2016


Art of Living: Breathing Is Spiritual. Spritual May Not Be True Breathing.

  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  He is doing good work, my work as I say in my Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing manual is to stay away from spirit...