Transformational/Spiritual Type Breathwork That Can Be Ecstatic And/Or Catastrophic. Choose Your Practitioner Wisely.

Transformational/Spiritual Type Breathwork That Can Be Ecstatic And/Or Catastrophic. Choose Your Practitioner Wisely.

   Apr 12 , 2016


   Michael Grant White


Transformational type or spiritual breathwork that can be ecstatic and/or catastrophic. Choose your practitioner wisely.

Rebirthing is one of the most powerful transformation techniques or modalities ever conceived. Millions of people have benefitted from it.

Created by Leonard Orr in the mid-'70s and approaching critical mass in late '80s, rebirthing become a leader in the New Age, spiritual, pop-psyche quick ,fix techniques with many incredible benefits and many dangers.

The upside is being able to breathe through emotional/physical blocks to monumental aliveness, attaining awesome inner direction and strength of purpose, as well as experiencing alternate states of consciousness that often defy adequate description.

The downside is the danger of becoming unbalanced energetically, mentally confused, emotionally disoriented, out of touch, out of place and out of luck

I classify Re-birthing in the cathartic breathwork category along with Reichian therapy, Radix, and Radiance Breath-work. Reichian therapy, Radix, and Radiance Breath-work differ in they are taught primarily by healing professionals possessing academic degrees and or decades of personal/therapy experience.

Rebirthing on the other hand has historically been more often practiced by well-meaning but improperly trained recipients of the Rebirthing process itself.

A psychotherapist described training a non body oriented psychotherapist therapist person in this form of breathwork as "like giving a 357 Magnum to a five year old. It can be like setting a bomb often in the basement. You will certainly 'knock something loose' but what then do you do with it?".  This may or may not be so.

With all this seeming negativity, being encouraged to breathe through resistance, developing willingness to let go (and let God?) and the rapid increase of potentially extremely positive and healing energy is to some, well worth the risks.

As for a credible facilitator, look for someone who has worked with that person and have them share with you their experience. Or better yet work with an OBDS that is also trained as a breathworker such as Denis Ouellette. If you are a breathworker read what Denis has to say about our school training. Dan Brule is another great source for qualified breath workers. He has facilitated over 50,000 people.

I am trained in rebirthing as well but use the techniques very sparingly. I prefer to facilitate in my clients a firm "landing base" before heading for the "outer limits". 

A place to come home to. Some might call it an integrated center or groundedness..

Some Cathartic Breathwork books.  Not necessarily rebirthing but relevant anyway.

The Breathwork Experience

    Kylea Taylor

    The Ethics of Caring

    Kylea Taylor


    Leonard Orr

    The Common Sense of Physical Immortality

    Leonard Orr

    Physical Immortality

    Leonard Orr

    Breaking The Death Habit

    Leonard Orr

    Rebirthing in the New Age

    Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr

    Loving Relationships Vol 1 & 2

    Sondra Ray

    Celebrations of Breath

    Sondra Ray

    I Deserve Love

    Sondra Ray

    The only Diet There Is

    Sondra Ray

    Pure Joy

    Sondra Ray

    Ideal Birth

    Sondra Ray

    Drinking The Divine

    Sondra Ray

    Birth And Relationships

    Sondra Ray & Bob Mandel

    Open Heart Therapy

    Bob Mandel

    Two Hearts are Better than One

    Bob Mandel

    Heart Over Heels

    Bob Mandel

    Rebirthing the science of enjoying your life

    Jim Leonard and Phill Laut

    Money Is My Friend

    Phill Laut

    Rebirthing Made Easy

    Collin Sisson

    Breath Of Life

    Collin Sisson

    Your Right To Riches

    Collin Sisson

    Rebirthing: Freedom from your past

    Deike Begg

    Healing Disease with Rebirthing

    Pauline Avis & David McNab

    The Secret Life Of The Unborn Child

    Dr T Verny & John Kelly

    Birth Without Violence

    Frederick Le Boyer

    Beyond The Brain

    Stanislav Grof

    The Adventure Of Self Discovery

    Stanislav Grof


    Arthur Janov

    A Course In Miracles

    Arkana Publishers

    Autobiography Of A Yogi

    Paramhansa Yogananda

    Conscious Breathing  -one by Hendricks and another by a woman  in England. I forgot her name.

    See also Optimal Breathing Kit.

    Do you know how to breathe right? Click here.

    See also:
    Death From Rebirthing (An unusually careless facilitator and probably a very rare occurance)


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