Irregular Heartbeat, Arrhythmia: Improve and Eliminate It Without Drugs.

Irregular Heartbeat, Arrhythmia: Improve and Eliminate It Without Drugs.


The Autonomic Nervous System (including your heart) is like a team of horses.  It follows the lead horse. Your breathing is the only simple and practical part of the ANS that you can consciously control.  So, aside  from some congenital defect or very unusual circumstance, when you control your breath rate and depth and balance and your heart rate will most often just fall in line and slow down or speed up depending on how you guide it with the manner in which you are breathing.

Another heart positive rate influence comes from adequate amounts of Essential Fatty Acids. These are not the kind of fat stored in the body but rather similar to the essential amino acids we need to rebuild our tissues and organs. EFAs are just that ESSENTIAL. Indispensable.  

I highly recommend you not use the following as a substitute for prescription drugs unless you have permission from your health professional. Once you have used the breathing exercises, EFAs & Cal Mag you may feel a sense of stability that will compel you to ask your doctor to back you off the heartbeat controlling meds.

  1. For the breathing part try DVD2+  Better Breathing Exercise #1 or #2 (try both)
  2. ProEfa Pharmaceutical (highest quality) grade fish oil. Capsule form and tasteless. 
  3. Cal Mag
  4. Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing for overall information.

Testimonial below
, shortness of  breath, high blood pressure

I have tried emailing this testimonial sometime in May but somehow it never got through. Since then my daughters have been urging me to send in my testimonial because of how much your breathing exercises have helped me "cure" my chest pains, shortness of breath and lower my blood pressure. So I am sending it in now hoping this does get through to you.

I need to thank God for leading me to your website back in march when I began experiencing mild to severe chest pains every nite. I had gone through a full bottle of 30 nitroglycerine tablets within two weeks.

My chest pains always occurred at nite when I am going to bed, so much so, that I was afraid to go to bed. I need to explain something, Mike. Because of my past two open heart surgeries and heart problems, I am quite knowledgeable about the symptoms of a possible heart attack when you experience chest pains.

In my case, I had just gone through an ultra sonic and a treadmill test in February. During the treadmill test, at the final stage, I complained to the attending nurse that she had to stop the treadmill because I was experiencing severe chest pains and was out of breath. She insisted I continue because the test is almost over and I needed to go on just for another minute or so. Somehow I got through the run and nearly fainted, heaving and breathing rapidly.

Two weeks later when I returned to my cardiologist for the results of my test, the cardiologist stated that I had over 75% blockage on my right carotid artery and 50% blockage on my left carotid artery.

He immediately recommended an angiogram to determine the actual extent of the blockage. After consulting with my wife, I decided to forego the angiogram and in fact vowed that I would not go through that invasive examination again. Right after that was when I started to experience my chest pains.

However, as I mentioned to my wife, the chest pains that I was experiencing could not be heart related but instead, I suspected it may be initiating from my lungs. After my treadmill test, I also started to cough out some mucous. Its color was pure white and not yellow or black so I felt that I may have a latent lung problem.

After all, I am over 73 tears old. Besides during my chest pains, I did not experience any of the usual symptoms of a pending heart attack. I felt like I couldn't breathe and the center of my chest hurt badly. The pain vanished after I slipped a nitro tablet under my tongue. My blood pressure was not low at the time but it wasn't high either.

Of course I was frightened. I would get chest pains for two or three nites, then none on the next nite, and then it started again. About that time, I read an article in our local newspaper about breathing. I went on the internet and I can't tell you how or why I selected your web site. I spent all day reading the information on your site especially the testimonials. I ordered your Optimal Breathing package and received the tapes in early April.

Now, let me tell you what happened.

I started out on the middle of my living room floor, arranging some couch pillows on a towel on the floor. Didn't take me long to adjust myself on the floor and started with the Tibetan Caffiene tape. As God is my witness, by the time I was into the second half of the tape and into the exhale and inhale on a single bong strike, my right leg from my thigh to my feet felt like ice.

I continued my breathing exercises and had my wife cover my legs with a blanket. I went through the entire exercise which took me nearly an hour that very first time. Mike, that nite I did not have any chest pain. I did the same exercise twice the next day, once in the morning and then again before going to bed.

The second nite, my chest pain returned, but this time instead of taking a nitro tablet, I went into the living room and sat on the edge of my couch and in the dark, started to breath slowly.

The chest pain slowly subsided and after a few minutes it was gone and I was able to go to bed. From that day on I have had no chest pains and have not taken a nitro tablet. This all happened in April after I started with your breathing exercises.

Today, I do breathing almost the entire day, mostly subconsciously because the breathing exercises is part of my daily routine. There is a lot more I can tell you about my health as a result of the breathing exercises I learned from you.

My daughter who lives in Hawaii has just visited you in North Carolina and I am grateful for the teaching and help you have given her. I have told my youngest daughter about the Tibetan Caffeine (Better Breathing Exercise 2) and she too will be doing the healing breathing exercises herself.

In closing here is my email address, for anyone who is fortunate enough to find your website, they can contact me and i would be happy to tell them how wonderful breathing the right way can do for them


Bruno Yim     

From Mike:

Better breathing can do wondrous things but first make sure you have, with your physician,  ruled out any immanent condition that might be life threatening. Even with a life threatening condition, improving your breathing can almost always help that situation.


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