Dear Mike, Namaste

This is just to share some information with you.
 I received an email today from Heart center online about a device called Resperate, claiming to be a breakthrough thrapeutic device, cleared by FDA to lower blood pressure without drugs.

After reading some details about it and how it functions, I find that it is on the same principles as  Better Breathing exercise#1 made to slow respiration rate to 8 per minute.

In my opinion, however, Better Breathing exercise #1 is better since your soothing voice and the wonderful sound of bells make one calm and relax like never before. By doing this exercise regularly may produce even better results, I think. Satish

I agree that Better Breathing Exercise #1 is be much less expensive  and in many instances may be just as good if not better.  I would also add the Breathing Improvement DVD to make success more dependable. mike


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