Damage From Toxins Can Pass To Offspring.

Damage From Toxins Can Pass To Offspring.


Abstracted from  Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY. Scientists have shown for the first time that exposure to environmental toxins can cause permanent genetic changes that are passed down through generations. The research on rats by a team of scientists working with two commonly used chemicals, an insecticide called methoxychlor and a fungicide called vinclozolin.

The scientists were looking at the rats and their offspring. But when the offspring had offspring, the researchers were shocked by what they found in this second generation. And they were even more surprised by subsequent generations of the lab rats. Not only the grandsons but also the great-grandsons and great-great-grandsons of the exposed mother were similarly affected.

 The scientists had discovered a mechanism that permanently changed the reproductive cells.  The findings may one day facilitate new diagnostic approaches and therapies.

I say we pass laws that require they have to prove the substance is safe FIRST instead of allowing the public to be the guinea pigs. Natural Hygiene answers most of the non-emergency health problems anyway. Why not go there big time? Organic foods anyone? Complete story 

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