Worms, Parasites and The Human Body...YOURS.

Worms, Parasites and The Human Body...YOURS.



Effie White writes

"For years I suffered from itching ears, crawling sensations underneath my skin and itching of the anus. I went to the doctor and he thought it was all in my head, so he sent me to a psychiatrist.

Finally I found a Chiropractor that was able to diagnose me as having parasites. Looking back, I believe I contracted them from a friend who also suffers from similar symptoms.

I tried different remedies with no success, then I heard about the Master's Miracle products and how some people have used them to rid themselves of parasites.

I took 1 oz of Neutralizer and 18 drops of Soap internally for 2 days. During that time I did not take a bath, but was taking showers using the Miracle Soap.

On the third day of using the products, I took my first bath. After about 5 minutes I saw something floating in the water about the size of a piece of corn. I thought it was strange, but didn't pay too much attention.

The water did not turn black like some of the stories I had heard, but I did notice that the water turned darkish gray, which made it difficult for me to see the bottom of the tub clearly.

I am 65 years old and have a hard time getting in and out of the tub, so I let the water out first. When the water was down to about an inch deep, I could see the bottom of the tub again and I noticed these little round things all over the bottom my tub and some of them were going down the drain. They were yellow and brown in color and ranged in size from a pinhead to a kernel of corn. There were thousands of them in the bottom of my tub.

A few days later I was experiencing some anal itching. I took a sitz bath with warm water and soap for about 15 minutes. I couldn't see anything in the water when I finished, but I left it over night and the next morning it had jellyfish looking things in it.

I have also had chronic bad breath since I was a child. I have noticed since using the products externally and internally and also brushing my teeth with the Soap, that I no longer have a problem with halitosis." _ Effie White, CA

Eunice writes

July 30, 2001

Also, this lady has done the Parasite Cleanse for three days, taking one ounce of Neutralizer with ONE DROP of soap. Skip a day. Then, do it again for three days. She got so many parasites released; she wants to know if she could do it again. Eunice, from Omaha Clayton Sure, she can go through another cycle. Then call up and tell us how she did! -- 97% of the people are infested with parasites and worms. Check yourself out. Do the parasite cleanse and see what comes out!

People don’t understand what toxins come out of the body! About a year ago, our newspaper ran an article after a thorough survey of the local funeral homes. The body fluids were taken from the bodies and analyzed.

97% of the tests showed that people were totally consumed with parasites and worms! Top be SURE you are not harboring these parasites and worms, take one ounce Neutralizer with ONE DROP of soap … do it for three days and on the second day, start looking to see what comes out. I remember a man who did this one time, and the next day THIRTY worms came out, and a lot of foamy stuff … all parasites and their debris!

All of this has to be resolved. We are here to clean up the body on the inside and on the outside … and then, just watch the body come back to life! Remember, just ONE DROP is all it takes! I remember my friend in Mississippi who thought if one drop was good, a tablespoonful would be better! Oh, no! He called me up with the hiccups, telling me he had soapsuds coming out his mouth, out his nose … !!! Clayton Tedeton

Clayton told about some local people with little kids. When they came over, everyone had to WATCH the little ones … they were wild, and into everything. Clayton told the parents to "Get them some Neutralizer! Those kids are wormy!" So, the little ones got one drop of Soap in their juice. And now, oh how well behaved they are!

Talking about soda pop, says Clayton. I know a deal where sugar beets laid for almost seven months. About a half mile of them rotted. Oh, did they stink! Well, they loaded them on the rail ground … the maggots on that pile! And yes, they were sold. WHO bought them? -- Coca Cola! Oh, I have never bought a Coke again. Now you see how we never KNOW how those parasites get into us?


Archie Dore In 1999, my wife had colon cancer, then surgery. Then, it went into the lymph system. She had chemo. Then, pain in the stomach. She had four surgeries, then staph infection got into the wound. The wound ran 13 inches, from the sternum to the pelvis … one and one-half to two inches deep. It had a bad smell.

The doctor’s antibiotics did not work. Her immune system was gone. Tumors showed up throughout her abdominal cavity. I went out into the hospital parking lot and prayed. An old friend who I hadn’t seen for a long time pulled up … "I have been looking for your. I have something for you and your wife."

He gave me the Miracle product brochure. But, as any red blooded American man would do, I considered it a scam, a gimmick, and set the brochure aside.

My wife worsened. She became very sick, vomiting. The fourth surgery had removed a tumor and they had done a bypass, but still she had the infection. They had left the wound open, except at the cavity.

The tumors had become more aggressive, and got into the bowel, which broke open and feces got into the abdomen … was coming out everywhere. The doctor told us "Surgery, no option. Chemo, no option."

I picked up the Miracle product brochure and tried to call Clayton Tedeton. He was out, but Sue answered. She shipped all of the products overnight.

The next day I turned the heat up in my wife’s room and gave her a bath with the Moisturizing Soap, followed by the Moisturizing Cream. I washed the wound out with the Soap and ran Gel into her abdominal cavity, closing it with gauze and tape, with Neutralizer on them.

 In nine days, her bowels had sealed and new tissue was started. When the nurses came in to help me change the dressing, I threw out their saline solution, telling them "We only clean with the Soap and fill with the Neutralizer Gel. Nine days later, I called the Oncology Surgeon, telling him I had something for him to see.

The feces was gone, the bowels all sealed and new flesh coming back. The Doctor told me to continue what I was doing. Her blood pressure, which had been 90/50 returned to a perfect 121/77. Her pulse of 136-142 returned to 92, in just nine days.

I brought her back home and we did four more changes. In 31 days, the wound was 99% closed. That was in 1999. Now, I minister to others. Anyone is welcome to call me 1-877-215-3951 - Archie Dore

Clayton commented on a lady with surgery scheduled for melanoma cancer … set for the 28th. After using Miracle products, she told him, "The doctor will be surprised. It’s gone! There is only redness left, and it will soon be gone."

July 16, 2001

Clayton had a letter from a man who had bladder cancer for three years. He had no hope. A friend told him about Miracle products. He started taking Miracle products, and now he is cancer free … no sign of cancer anywhere in his body.

Another man started Miracle products in February … had bladder cancer for two years. Now he is cancer free. He took six ounces of Neutralizer in the morning and six ounces in the evening. Clayton says, "if you have a critical disease, flood your system with Neutralizer!" It can’t hurt you. His secretary drinks about a half bottle a day.

He told about people in Cape Cod with cancer. They started with four to six ounces, twice a day. In three weeks, they were cancer free.

Then, Clayton told about a 38-year-old woman scheduled for a throat operation … her throat was all swollen. Her mother learned about Miracle products. She went over to her daughter’s house and made her daughter take a Miracle soap bubble bath.

Then, she had her take one tablespoonful of Miracle Gel and hold it in her mouth … didn’t swallow it right away. The daughter’s throat swelling went down, and the operation was canceled.

Eunice told about keeping the laundry/therapeutic ball on the Davenport. She lives in Omaha, and there have been a lot of Chemtrails … causing coughing and sneezing. She has found that if you roll the laundry ball on the chest - breastbone - where the Thymus gland is (manufactures the T-Cells) …. The coughing and sneezing are gone!

Put the Gel on Joints! Feet! And "Where you sit!" Roll the laundry ball under your feet. Clean the body! Clean the blood! Then, the blood can rebuild the organs. Eyesight improves!

Turpentine and sugar. Controversial but I have done it.

Another approach

While you are at it, develop your breathing


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