Natural Vision Improvement Includes The Way You Breathe

Natural Vision Improvement Includes The Way You Breathe


Try not to stare. Fixated looking weakens the many muscles of the eye. They need to work in all the ways they are capable of. CRT and TV screens are making you stare and you need to offset this with some good eye exercises. 

Sit and look straight ahead at a candlelight. Blink your eyes gently and rapidly as you slowly move your head from left to right and side to side. Make sure you do not drop your head or let your eyes move. Just let your vision change from front to side as you move your head.

Repeat five times.

Do the same thing while looking into the sun when it is on the horizon. This means that you will look into the sun directly for a split second as your eyesight passes in its direct path. NEVER do this when the sun is not on the horizon.  

Take walks into the forest or travel to beautiful places and do not wear your glasses. 
One woman traveled to Europe for three months and returned home not needing her glasses. 

Get a slightly weaker prescription (cheap drugstore glasses may work) and see if the exercises and more interesting environment do not allow you to lessen your prescription strength.

See Visions of Joy websiteJoy is one of my best students. Breathing is a large part of natural vision development. I (Mike White) am 76 and do not wear glasses or contacts. Get some pinhole glasses and  Learn to breathe better now

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