Finding Answers In Your Body

“Ask a Difficult Question and the Marvelous Answer Appears” - Rumi

Here is a powerful, body-centered meditation to try when you have an important decision to make...

Stand with your eyes closed. Use Standing Meditation from the Optimal Breathing Kit if you wish. 

Ask your body to “show” you a “yes” response. Notice in which direction your body leans.

Ask your body to "show” you a “no” response. Again, notice in which direction your body leans.

Sometimes, the body’s response will be subtle, other times it will be much stronger.

Test how accurate your body’s answers are to questions you already know the answer to. Phrase your questions to elicit either a “yes” or “no” response.

For example:

“Is my name Mary Smith?” “Am I an engineer?” “Do I love crossword puzzles?” “Am I a donut maker?”

Once you have established that your body is telling the truth, ask yourself questions to which you want answers.

If your body doesn’t lean in any direction, consider the response neutral.

In that case, try forming other questions which relate to your concern.

You may want to keep an ongoing journal of your questions and answers.

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