May 28 , 2019


Liver Cleanse Aka Gallbladder Flush - A Complete Guide

The liver gall bladder cleanse is arguably one of the most effective health tools you can practice. Simple, safe and potentially very effective.

Jul 13 , 2016


Valsalva's Maneuver: Occurs When One Holds One's Breath And Strains To Defecate.

The "Modern" American Toilet Fixture   Valsalva's maneuverIncrease of intrathoracic pressure by forcible exhalation against the closed (or sig...

Jul 12 , 2016


Herbal Based Internal Cleansers: Are Often Very Effective Processes To Use One To Two Times Yearly.

  Herbal based internal cleansers are often very effective processes to use one to two times yearly. Due to their strength and potential for i...

Jul 11 , 2016


Fibroids: The Body Is So Full Of Toxic Waste and Has Run Out Of Places To Store The Poisons

It is my understanding that tumors happen because the body is so full of toxic waste and has run out of places to store the poisons (such as th...

Jul 10 , 2016


Constipation and Breathing: More Than 2 Minutes On The Pot Means You You Took Too Long.

The diaphragm must drop downward into the belly area when you breathe in.  If the stomach, liver, colon etc is too large the diaphragm can not...

Jul 09 , 2016


Pot Guts, Overweight, Obesity, Digestion, Breathing & Your Large Intestine

Studies show that being overweight restricts breathing. Being overweight and/or obese causes restricted rib cage expansion and less space for...

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