Psychological Health and Breathing

Psychological Health and Breathing



In Toward A Psychology of Being, Abraham Maslow lists ten measurable and objectively describable characteristics of the healthy individual based on research and clinical experiences.

  • Clear, more efficient perception of reality.
  • More openness to experience.
  • Increased integration, wholeness, and unity of the person.
  • Increased spontaneity, expressiveness; full functioning.
  • A real self; a firm identity; autonomy, uniqueness.
  • Increased objectivity, detachment, transcendence of self.
  • Recovery of creativeness.
  • Ability to fuse concreteness and abstractions.
  • Democratic character structure.
  • Ability to love and be loved.

If you study the breath and breathing in the Optimal Breathing Kit, you will see how the breath of life influences EVERY category Maslow has addressed.

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