A Right Way to Breathe and Weight Loss? 

I have seen hundreds and heard of thousands of people start a daily breathing routine and  lose weight. The danger is that they may be doing a breathing exercise that actually locks up the breathing so that the long term effect can be harmful to the voice, thyroid, thymus, lungs and heart.
From a subscriber:
"I am curious as to knowing why you say certain breathing can lock up and that your breathing is a better way? What is the difference? Isn't breathing a natural thing and something that can't mess up?"

From Mike:
"A natural thing and something that can't mess up?" Not in the slightest. This is a common misconception even among medical professionals. 

How can there be a right way to breathe and a wrong way? There are at least 100-200 muscles and thousands of nerves that need to be working in balanced synchronicity for breathing to be good or optimal.  Tighten both fists , or stand on your toes or tighten your legs or bend forward and watch your breathing go a little or a lot shallower.  Posture and other various tensions and nerve restrictions strongly influence the natural breathing function.  Plus, anything you do the same way long enough will restrict its freedom. Your breathing is the same. Practice makes permanent, not perfect.

Think of singing. Some can. Some can not. Singing is nothing more than wind passing membranes causing them to vibrate and resonate in a consistent dependable way.  If you can breathe right you can learn to sing. But if you sing you do not necessarily breathe right.  Any high quality pop, jazz or opera singer will affirm that.

"This has me very worried. And are you saying that if I were to do your breathing that you teach that it would speed up my metabolism and help me burn fat off like an exercise without the sweat and all? "

I am saying that is has occurred hundreds to thousands of times. No guarantees. Just strong probability. Not necessarily without the sweat, but weight loss without sweat does often occur with proper diet over a the long term.  Metabolism is "heat" in the form of increased fire.  Sweat comes from heat. Fire comes from oxygen burning something... fat for instance.

"Yet if I were to choose to exercise with weights, walk, etc.. That it would just be like an added bonus? " Hopefully yes.

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