Breathing Problem. It Comes and Goes

   Nov 14 , 2018

   Michael White

Dear Mike -- For years I've had what I simply refer to now as my "breathing problem". It comes and goes, some weeks or months being worse than others. However, the problem is present more often than not, and it's extremely discouraging. I've had a couple of inconclusive pulmonary function (or similar) tests and they were inconclusive. I'm 45, quite active, and I've never been a smoker. When working out I don't usually experience the problem. The symptoms: I feel I must constantly try to yawn, in order to get in enough deep breath. UDB.  Sometimes I'll go for minutes attempting to yawn before I'm successful. My lungs end up feeling sore and strained, and my neck and ribs and upper back really hurt with all the effort. Sometimes my throat feels closed up. These symptoms are usually worse later in the day. UDB.

My doctor feels the problem is related to soft-tissue neck injury I sustained after being rear-ended ten years ago, and says my neck and back tension are probably the main culprits. However, at times the problem is severe enough to make me wonder if there's a tumor inside, squeezing my respiratory system. Have you encountered this kind of problem before, and, if so, what do you suggest? yes. you must rule out tumor but it may well be UDB   Then work with