Mike, I purchased a program for deep breathing it's breathing and positions. the breath consists of inhaling deeply though the nose then when of you can't take in any more oxygen you take in 3 more sniffs then exhale through the mouth then push out for three more puffs. I've been doing this for a month and haven't had any results other than feeling like i can't breathe comfortably, I've read a couple of books on deep breathing and am aware of the benefits yet whenever i try them i don't feel any better no energy no calmness nothing just more tired. did you say you shouldn't exhale through your mouth? even when doing deep diaphragm breathing? i really would like to feel better and have more energy please tell me what I'm doing wrong 

From Mike
What program is this? Sounds like a real rip off. A distorted kind of pranayama exercise, many of which are terribly dangerous. I would like to review it.  If you send it to me I will exchange it for one of my tape sets.

Send me your self test results along with this breathing exercise in whatever form it came in.  Recommended product 

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