Was this questionnaire developed through blinded scientific testing? 
How were the weights assigned to the various questions? 
How can you score fatigue when lack of sleep can be the cause? 
Has this "test" been confirmed by documenting a Candida problem in those with a high score? How were the score breakdowns determined? What is the sensitivity and specificity?

I scored a 71 and I am quite sure I do not have a problem with yeast. I would suggest that those on Vocalist who could open the attachment view it with a high degree of skepticism. Indeed, I would suggest the whole concept of Candida/yeast related illness be viewed with a high degree of skepticism. I have read some of the popular books that purport to explain much of our problems by blaming yeast. I am under whelmed by the scientific data provided.

John xxxxxxxxx, MD Medical Director
xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Health Group, Palmyra, PA   


For Dr. John xxxxxx: From Mike White, California State Certified Nutrition Educator.

Deny probable 
candida and you deny strongly suspected cancer precursors and exacerbation of almost every known malady. 

Focus on Dr. Karl Donsbach or Dr. Crook's information in their Candida books and argue the point with THEM.  Wait for double blind tests and you will be long dead before the results. The safe natural way of addressing candida is being taught in natural healing circles. There is a strong grassroots trend against prescription drugs in general and no drug exists that will safely and non toxically rid the body of harmful yeasts that have transformed into parasitic fungi. Stool tests ordered by aware physicians are very much in order.

Try the diets, try the probiotics, try the cleanses but don't try to tell someone that has used this test to discover why they were sick and gotten well. You TOO will be thought of as foolish. This is a free test, and it is not harmful. Do try the "Pill Book" by Bantam, it is the consumer's perspective of the PDR and discover the negative side effects of prescription drugs in general and see how many diseases are man made. A side effect of a drug is a disease. If you have the side effect and haven't taken the drug it would be called a disease, pure and simple. ALL of these drugs were okayed via scientific testing which is often BAD and or incomplete scientific testing with often very obvious profit motives.

Prescription drugs are at least the fifth (JAMA 1998) and probably the third leading cause of death in this country by now 2018.

As in ANY written test there are weak points and strong points. Denying "probable" existence of candida is not only harmful it can be downright deadly. The less the medical profession addresses the simple, obvious and inexpensive, the more people will stay sick. This is good for the medical business and damned bad for the public. I have used this test too many times with positive results to deny its worth.


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