Deep Breath Feels Awful 

   Oct 05 , 2018

   Michael White

Dear Michael, 
For the past nine years I have been having difficulty breathing.  I constantly feel like I'm not getting enough air so I'm constantly struggling to take a deeper breath.  Sometimes I can take the deeper breath and I get a feeling of satisfaction and sometimes I can't and feel awful. I did that for 40 years.

When that happens, I try again and again to take the deep breath, often contorting my body or stretching my arms our and locking them in front of me.  I have been to more than one pulmonary specialist and they have all said my lungs and blood gases are perfect. this sounds like a breathing coordination issue. One doctor said that although my lungs are taking in plenty of air, after he administered an inhaler I was taking in even more air, so perhaps I am slightly asthmatic. That is not the way to view asthma.
Anyway. the doctors told me it's all anxiety, but I have a difficult time believing that. I agree with them but for different reasons then they think  about. I do know that anxiety makes it worse, but I do think there is some underlying cause.  Perhaps skeletal etc.. Breathing coordination.  

Anyway, it's awful. I feel like living is a struggle and I have a difficult time doing work.  I tried Prozac at one point and it helped somewhat, but not completely. (and I was on a high dose of it too) Only addresses symptoms, not causes.   

I guess I should probably do more tests, but I do not have insurance as I am self employed.  Unfortunately, no insurance company will take me because I am recovering from an eating disorder so they see me as a risk.  I will do anything to help myself at this point.  Do you have any suggestions.  I will even come to NC to work with you if you feel you can help me.  I will try to call you tomorrow, but I'm sending this, just in case I can't reach you by phone tomorrow.

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