Exercise Induced Breathing Problems and so called cures

Mike answers in bolded area. 

Dear Mike: 
I have recently developed a difficulty with my ability in regards to deep breathing based on a substantial second hand smoke situation and also I hate to admit an occasional use of an illegal herb. My doctor doesn't dispute it but feels it mostly derives from my anxiety, in other words making the existing problem worse.
I am 48 years old, in superb health and exercise regularly and feel I am in tune with my body. I definitely agree that I exacerbate things when I have difficulty breathing but feel there is an underlying cause that I at this point I am hopeful to try and eradicate and not just treat. I also have come to the conclusion that some of my chest tightness which may further increase my anxiety is derived from a recent increase in my weight lifting.

Probably so.  So stop weight lifting until you know how to do it while breathing properly.


I recently had a severe ankle sprain which has caused me to decrease my cardio workouts considerably, possibly adding to my woes. The last few days however I am back at the cardio and during the activity and for a period of time afterwards felt like my old self (I felt great) but as the day wore on I could feel the strange lack of oxygen sensation I currently experience reassert it's presence. I'm not really short of breath, just can't get that full dose of air. At times I feel fine and have never had a cough, wheezing, fatigue, or anything else other than the tightness which I explained.
Is someone with early stage COPD capable of doing what I am doing?

Possibly but do not think that way.  Develop your breathing properly and it will not be an issue or at least less of one.

Is there any chance the worst case scenario is that I do indeed have something like emphysema?

It matters less and less if you do or do not. Do what is necessary and proper to develop your breathing  and you can’t lose.  

Dear mike

I have had this about a month and feel as though I can conquer it however. My major symptom is simply that I cannot get a good long breath like I am used to but I can still perform in the most vigorous of activities it seems. Can one just get a major assault to the respiratory system and fully recover? The doctor has me on Alprazolam (Zantac) which actually does some good but is it masking the real problem or does it being effective indicate that a large part of my problem is indeed anxiety?  

I agree.  Anxiety is caused primarily by poor breathing. It also exposes and if occurring enough can cause poor breathing; reflecting and effecting.

After all it does work as a muscle relaxant. But there are times on it or without it that I am nearly 100%.
From your website I gather you are an incredibly knowledgeable individual and I humbly seek your advice. I am not prepared currently to buy one of your products but I swear to God if I am cured I will be strengthening my breathing techniques with one of your products for sure and offer the grandest of testimonials.

I have hundreds of great testimonials.  You just need to do the correct thing now.

Promise. Now I need something else. What do you think? A bad incident that will go away? I had zero problems whatsoever until one day I noticed difficulty breathing. Before that I'm out playing basketball hard with 20 year olds on a regular basis with no inkling of a problem. Is this something you're familiar with and I would appreciate your best advice. I am waiting for chest x-ray results sometime next week, and are there other tests I should take that you may feel are necessary?   Free Breathing Tests



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