Hello Mike,
            Just a few words to let you know that you are having success.  I personally have benefited  greatly from your breathing exercises in the Optimal Breathing Kit and as a good disciple I have been carrying the message forward. I live in North Wales UK and area once well known for its coal mines and its resulting chest and breathing problems.

I was recently playing golf with an ex miner when he started having breathing problems and was in distress so later over a drink I explained to him about different methods breathing as he said he had not been given any such advice from his Doctors. I downloaded some of your info and others off the web and posted it to him, I didn't see him for a month then one day when arriving at the club he rushed over to me grinning from ear to ear he had read my info he felt miles better but most of all was the vast improvement in the quality of his sleep ,I have made a pal for life. Many thanks and God Bless. Len M.

From Mike:

Good for you.  Remember that will eventually reduce breathing volume. Breathing volume is THE primary marker for gelonvity.  Whenever I get to Wales I can show both of you a special way of using the breathing to improve your game. Recommended program to enhance relaxation and breathing ease while playing golf and to help recover lost volume.