Love And Breathing

   Nov 21 , 2018

   Michael White

I noticed a couple of years back how my breathing has changed. When I was unhappily married and unhappy with who I was, I was a shallow breather. It was as if I didn't love myself enough to breathe deeply of this basic necessity. As I began merging with my true self and loving myself, I noticed a shift in my breathing. It is always a subtle sign to myself if I catch myself breathing shallowly. I take that as an opportunity to breathe deeply and shine some love all over the situation, including me.  When I am around others who are breathing shallowly, I focus on breathing deeply and evenly. I send thoughts of unconditional love and thoughts of ease to them. It may not be a quick fix for them, but I know every thought of love I offer them is there ALWAYS and can be redeemed in this moment or years in our future. The great thing about love is it never expires. 

From Mike:
Well said. There is great value to this. And one must remember to free up the breath so that it EASILY operates spontaneously this way just in the process of day to day living. You also learned that conscious focus on the breath can make it larger and along with that the heart center can open and we can feel loving more deeply.  That is if that is what we intended. 
Energy follows thought the even better, thought follows energy (calming, peaceful energy).