Lung Removal

   Nov 13 , 2018

   Michael White

My husband had lung cancer surgery on 10/15, he is 57 years old. They removed his left lung, and repaired his pulmonary artery. He is in the hospital in Newport Beach California recuperating. He has a respiratory therapist every 4 hours, but is having a hard time getting enough air due to congestion build up in his remaining right lung. This then causes panic because he feels like he is suffocating. I am in need of help as to how he can strengthen his right lung, and for information as to how we can cope with his one lung once we get home from the hospital.

Do you have information for this ?
Thank you. Janel C

From Mike:

I can not get in the middle of his relationship with the respiratory therapist and a fresh surgery. When and if he no longer wants to work with that person or wishes to add self help is when I can get directly involved. I would suggest that in any event you get my Optimal Breathing Development program and see how it fits with his situation. I am sure you will find many things to deepen your knowledge and approach to the problems he and you are facing. Blessings, mike