Migraines, chest pains, vitality and emotions

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter.

My sister ------ was fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with you in early June. She mentioned what a kind person you are.  She lives in Hawaii, I in Nevada, but we talk with each other several times a week and she has continued working with her breathing. On her way back from North Carolina, she stopped in Nevada to join us in celebrating my daughter's high school graduation, and shared with us what she has learned. 

I have had terrible migraines for several years now and just this week, I tried optimal breathing and lo and behold, they first subsided and then eventually disappeared.  How wonderful it was to rid myself of this. I will continue this practice whenever I feel the need. 

In closing, please keep me informed if you plan on visiting Las Vegas.  My father who also lives in Las Vegas, uses your tapes, etc. as faithfully as my sister and I know he would love to join me in going to any seminars/classes that you may present.  He was experiencing chest pains (angina?) periodically and since he started his optimal breathing techniques and exercises, he has not touched his nitroglycerine.  It is amazing given his history of hear disease.  He also feels more vital.  The greatest reward is that even emotionally, he has opened himself up to us all.  I thank you, Mike, as there are many more things that have happened to our family since meeting you.

Sincerely, D. M.    

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