Opera Singing

   Nov 21 , 2018

   Michael White

I am currently training to be an opera singer, and still do not feel that I have mastered the correct breathing needed to create the sound I desire. I would like to know if you have any experience with singers, and what technique you feel is best for me to use. I am able to support my sound somewhat of course, but my voice often tires quickly. I recognize how important breathing is to my career, and would like to use proper breathing to preserve my voice so it will be robust for many years. If you wish, I will complete the BREATHING TESTS listed on this page, in addition to any others you might feel appropriate 

From Mike: Lots of experience with singers. I love to work with singers. With few exceptions, they are some of the healthiest and happiest people in the world. 
Think of your entire internal body as a sound producing instrument.
You must be both standing, relaxed and properly erect simultaneously. This is for most contradictory as gravity and being bent and twisted in subtle ways creates breathing blocks. It takes years to release them unless you can feel immediately what it is like to make the sound you want. Click on  
www.breathing.com/results-perform.htm to get a sense of what I am referring to. When you work with me you experience some techniques that help you find the inside sense of what the easy, full, voice feels and sounds like when it is unfettered with internal tensions and weaknesses. 
I combine various techniques and exercises to get you there in a few hours instead of months or years. 
I can’t easily tell you what I do because it is something like riding a bicycle, juggling, eating and smiling all at the same time. But I can often coach you into the proper place within a few hours. The trick is to experience the sound NOW so that you can go back to it as a kinesthetic felt sense experience instead of a technically correct and often somewhat restricted experience that might sound good but not have the optimal internal coordination to invite a strong and more spontaneous singing voice that comes from who you really are. 

I am looking for highly motivated people that are totally committed to living life to the absolute fullest. Tell me how much chest expansion you have now by taking this test. Take the
 cloth tape measure and wrap it around your upper chest below your collar bone. 
Exhale fully and measure the distance. Inhale fully and measure that distance. What is the difference between the two measurements. 
Fully Exhaled = 35 Fully inhaled 371/4 
Expansion is 2.25 inches. 
1-2 inches is average depending on your height.. 4- 5 inches is great. I'm 6'2" & have a 4 inch rise.. 

If you haven’t already, access the test page

And send me the results. 
I can get a pretty good picture of your situation from all that.
I look forward to meeting you. 

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