Peak Flow Meters

   Nov 21 , 2018

   Michael White

You honor me with your concerns. I agree that the medical industry is blind to the healthy optimal breath.  The breath measuring meters can actually make the problem worse by tightening up the rib cage on the forced inhalation and the exhalation as well. I am not convinced that the peak flow is an adequate measure. Many people with good peak flows have not had the internal sense of power of people with much less peak flow. There is something to be learned here.

Try this. Let a breath come in. Let a natural in and out breath occur. Begin at the bottom of the exhale, an extended exhalation. Force the out-breath slowly making push out much of the remaining air as you comfortably can.

Use the stomach muscles to squeeze the last bit of breath out and then let go and allow the breath to enter without "helping" it. Do you become more relaxed? Repeat for 10 minutes. Does your inhaler use lessen even slightly over a few days? If you become nervous this will not work for you in this way. Diet is also very important. This is NOT to be done on an ongoing basis as it will invitee constricted breathing but it can help to reveal something helpful for now. The Voldynne 5000 is a better way to measure your breathing volume. Even it is not deep enough for most really good breathers.  Recommended product