Ritalin Article

   Oct 05 , 2018

   Michael White

Dear Sir: 
Actually your Edison article's negative attitude toward interventions with ritalin is more closely associated with those who believe ADD is a myth and Ritalin as an evil drug than those in the ADD world who in fact have to use the medication.  In fact Edison is cited by many ADDrs who try to inspire those with the affliction that they are in good company.  Not to mention if Edison wasn't beaten up so much in school he could have gone much farther!  Maybe - maybe not. How do YOU know? Often adversity breeds inner strength.

We don't relegate kids to "just do the best you can...so sorry for you"  If fact we expect excellence....excellence....excellence!!!! Expectations are often a form of abuse.

Could you imagine how far Edison could have gone if he had the resources that we have today?  He actually had hundreds of inventions that he never finished because of his organizational and attention deficits (too bad for us).  "Many inventors, writers and creative people have several unfinished symphonies"    That does not mean they are ADDrs.  Looks like you may be suffering from  the hammer and nail syndrome.  If you are a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Also some of the "patents" he is credited for we now know he stole...remember Tesla?  You are REALLY getting off the subject. Is this ADD? That was so unnecessary!  He didn't have to steal because he really had abilities but he could not discover what his true limitations were!  The small percentage of Robin Williams, Thomas Edisons and Einstein's who make it are not enough just to say just "get tough with these kids and just kick em in the butts."  There is too high a prison population of ADDers already who will fall by the wayside unless we help!  This negative rhetoric isn't helping.  Sure, Ritalin is used too often like aspirin often is but "just keep breathing" is not the answer for those individuals who really need the treatment. How do you know?  the issue is HOW they are breathing as that is the PRIMARY driver of their nervous system. it is not even THOUGHT about let alone looked into. I never even THOUGHT of kicking them in the butts. That is YOUR idea.  Projection perhaps? Abuse history perhaps?  Nutrition and breathing, family environments,  and gentle ways of encouraging AS WELL AS SMALLER CLASSES is my humble suggestion.

Not an easy subject BUT i BELIEVE Ritalin IS over-used TO THE MAX.  Back off and before usage or during TRAIN them in breathing fundamentals as you get their diets back to sanity. . https://breathing.com/blogs/childrens-health/calming-classroom-chaos