Sleep Apnea

   Nov 21 , 2018

   Michael White


I have taken sleep disorder tests 3 years ago, and have been found to have sleep apnea. I could not tolerate the sensation of air blowing in my face/nose so cannot use the standard equipment available to help me sleep. I hold my breath when dreaming (these are not nightmares - just normal dreams). I become so interested or intense, I "forget" to breathe. I  find this happens during the day also when I am awake. Occasionally, if am totally absorbed in something - I hold my breath without realizing what I am doing. A missed heartbeat will remind me of what is happening. At night I am taking beta blockers because the lack of breathing will cause my heart rate to accelerate and this in turn wakes me up. My doctor has also prescribed Clonazepam at bedtime. Any ideas on breathing exercises or? I would love to get off the above medications. My doctors have never worked with someone with this "breath holding syndrome." This is something I have always lived with, but after a bout of pneumonia 3 years ago this has become a major problem. I have had to rely on the above medication to sleep. Any suggestions? I might also add, I take no medication during the day.

From Mike: Get the breathing kit and open up your breathing with the strapping techniques and a few key exercises.  Recommended product