Nov 21 , 2018

   Michael White

Question 1: I believe good breathing can help alleviate stuttering. Do you recommend any particular breathing exercise(s) for this problem? Thank you. T.T.

From Mike:
Extending the exhale several times more then the inhale has worked with some. Take the
Breathing Tests for hidden signs of breathing blocks. Our skyped one one one program can pay big dividends. But get this program first so you have a few key tools on hand. Singing/speaking program

Question 2:

Hi. I have speech problems. I Stutter. I just wondering if there's any Tapes or something to help me with my Breathing & Stuttering.

From Mike:

Many people think of themselves as stutterers. If you are willing to redefine yourself and think of yourself as one who "used to stutter" or who is "stuttering less and less" we can make some progress.

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