Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Overview: Aka -Soft Chamber.

Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Overview: Aka -Soft Chamber.


Primarily for recovery from injury when exercise is not possible or the Hard Chamber is not affordable.

Not to be confused with a Hard Chamber, which is a great and high-end product for commercial use. The soft/mild Hyperbaric Chamber can be quite beneficial but it may take longer to get results. (depending on the indication/application and based on the Doctor’s Protocol). The general public as well as physicians now can afford their own Hyperbaric Chamber for home use as well as their Private Practice.

Unlike the traditional hyperbaric chambers in hospitals or some facilities where it uses 100% pure oxygen to pressurize the chamber and goes to higher pressure, Mild Hyperbaric Chamber aka “soft” chambers  does not require the operator/user to be a Certified Technician. The user/patient can perform a self-treatment (when able) without the need of an assistance on the outside of the chamber.

To summarize how a Hyperbaric Chamber works. Begin with the words “Hyper = More” and “Baric = Pressure”, hence “More Pressure”. When the body is inside a Hyperbaric Environment, it forces to absorb more Oxygen, in this case Room Air (which is about 21%) into the plasma, which is the fluid in our body.

Oxygen in our body is carried by the Red Blood Cells, which has a maximum capacity. When there is extra Oxygen in the plasma, the Red Blood Cells will then capture the Oxygen as much as it can at a Cellular level. With that said, being consistent with the therapy is “KEY”.

This means that by going in the chamber for just once/week will be challenging for the user to gauge if it’s working/helping. Keep in mind as well that the protocol for the frequency and duration of the treatment(s) will have to be determined by your physician/doctor.

The Portable/Mild Hyperbaric Chambers comes in different sizes/models depending on the user’s comfort level and the type of patient that needs the therapy. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the right size/model.

  • Patient/Person’s Body Frame (shoulder width)
  • Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed space)
  • Mobility issue

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I may be claustrophobic, which model should I choose?

A: A large size/model is the most popular model because it provides the most room and comfort level as well as temperature for those who need the space. The user can also bring in any portable electronics inside the chamber because it is very safe.

Q: What type of % Oxygen does it provide?

A: The compressor that comes with the chamber takes room air, filters it down to .01 micron then compresses it before it goes in the chamber. Therefore, based on the pressure that the chamber provide which is 1.3 ATA x 21% room air = 27.3% (inside the chamber)

Q: How do I get more Oxygen if I need to?

A: If the Doctor recommends an additional source of Oxygen based on the indication/application that you’re using the chamber for, an Oxygen Concentrator can be used compatible with the chamber by having the patient wears a mask/cannula inside the chamber

Q: How Portable is Portable?

A: One of the models/sizes, it’s portable enough that it can be travelled with. Some parts are not required to be taken while travelling (i.e. frames, mattress and bolsters) – products may vary based on the manufacture.

Q: What kind of programs are available?

A: There are Monthly Rentals (Rent-To-Own) on selected models available, and/or simply purchasing the chamber outright. (Programs may vary within Companies)

Q: How do I know which Company to choose?

A: Carefully do your research as to the location and facilities as well as their experiences in manufacturing these Chambers as well as asking as many questions as you can think of.

Q: Are used/refurbished units available?

A: Certainly…! If there’s no preference on a new/used chamber, our company may have them based on availability and price will vary upon the age of the chamber.

My experience and research  has convinced me that if you can exercise, the TURBO OXYGEN Enhanced Exercise approach will give far better benefits with much less cost.

The easiest way to think of hyperbaric oxygen versus exercising with turbo  oxygen is that exercising with oxygen performs the same purpose of pushing oxygen into the cells that the chambers do; only it's far superior if you can exercise. 
IF you can exercise, exercise is far superior to lying down or just sitting there, chatting, watching TV or at the computer.

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