Oxygen Benefits and Crises

Oxygen Benefits and Crises

   Mar 05 , 2016


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Oxygen Benefits and Crises

"Of all the essential nutrients needed by the human, oxygen is the one we must have on a moment to moment basis. We can’t live without it even for a few minutes, yet, this is the one nutrient most people don’t associate with deficiency problems. Nothing could be further from the truth.

One problem is that oxygen concentrations in and around major cities have been measured as much as 30% below normal. That means that each breath brings in less oxygen.

As if this weren’t bad enough, most people have developed poor breathing habits, thus further restricting oxygen intake. The resulting oxygen deficiency is having a negative effect on our health and our overall performance. Oxygen deprivation can be associated with all kinds of chronic diseases, including cancer.

"Michael White is an extraordinary breathing coach who helps people develop new patterns of breathing, helping them to bring in more oxygen with less effort. These techniques help to improve health, stamina and even voice quality."
– Raymond Francis, Director, Beyond Health Corporation 

From Krista P.
The concept I learned was that the brain uses more oxygen in thinking so there is physical value in breathing practices along WITH quieting the brain. This is just supporting it medically imho.  More support as to why extra Oxygen matters for brains to function better.

 "We have found that the brain is anoxic in a normal air-saturated environment, which means that no oxygen can be measured," says Straka. The complete oxygen was therefore immediately used by the cells to synthesize energy-rich substances. If more than twice the atmospheric oxygen concentration was available, the energy metabolism was saturated and oxygen was abundantly present in the brain.”   
In order to better understand how information is processed in the brain, knowledge of the relationship between oxygen availability and brain activity is essential. The scientists' results provide initial insight into this and are an important basis for further investigations of the brain's energy balance in future experiments and for measuring oxygen consumption for various nerve cell functions.”   


From Mike:

There are many benefits to doing true passive aerobic breathing. Optimal  breathing can become a wonderful tool, helping you to relax and reduce stress, improve your skin tone, sleep better, as well as losing inches and weight.

We have been breathing incorrectly for so long that we are not aware of how to breathe to receive maximum benefits from each breath. Once we re-learn how to breathe correctly we can use the breath when it is most needed during stress.  Many of you are aware that you normally take shallow, minimal breaths, just barely enough to survive.

Most people only use about twenty percent of their lung capacity. Tests have been done over and over again to determine how much of our brain cells we actually use. Other test have been done to see how our organs such as our lungs function.

It is remarkable that we are all using a very limited portion of our potential in all these areas. Seventy percent of elimination from your body is through breathing. When we allow our bodies to accumulate toxins we are inviting illness and disease. Medical testing has proven again and again that the missing link in those with Cancer and other serious diseases is simply oxygen. 

So why is it that something that is so simple to do, that requires no other tool other than our own bodies is so neglected. My theory is that we have been programmed to believe that nothing as simple and easy as breathing could possibly make that much of a difference. In all of my years as a breathing development specialist I have heard time and time again, "How can you lose weight with just breathing better?" 

In simple terms, aerobic means to get enough oxygen into the bloodstream to convert to fuel to burn fat. We have again been programmed to believe that aerobic means running around a room and jumping up and down.

What most people don't realize is that people who do this type of exercise have to do it consistently for about 20 minutes to put the body into an aerobic state. Unfortunately you are tearing down your knees and backs at t he same time. Walking is great but why the jumping and running? 

If you jump up and down, or run long enough, at least 20 minutes, you will breathe hard enough to get the oxygen flowing into your bloodstream. Optimal Breathing techniques, exercises and recommended products is FOCUS PRIMARILY ON THE BREATH. 

We concentrate the oxygen flow so that the body begins the aerobic process of flooding the bloodstream with oxygen in a few minutes so the results are dramatically improved. At the same time we can flex or stretch the muscles we wish to target for inch loss, or toning to draw the oxygen to that point like a bee to honey. 

The oxygen will rush to the point of stress to heal, thus toning and firming those muscles. Breathing correctly can bring on a state of elevated emotions. The reason for this is the endorphin high that runners speak of. It is the same high that you get when you do the Breathing Exercise #2 included in the Optimal Breathing kit

You are releasing these endorphins, into the brain. Some  remarkable changes in people occur in those suffering with severe panic attacks to others suffering from migraine headaches. It has been called life changing by many, and I am one of those who can personally attest to the powerful benefits that can accompany flooding your body with oxygen by doing just a few of the Optimal Breathing exercises daily. 

Other benefits of true passive aerobic breathing is the reduction of water retention and changes in your skin that may cause those who know you to accuse you of having a face lift. You may become what some people call "radiant" after a 30 minute Breathing Exercise #2 session.  This is one reason I nicknamed it The Tibetan Caffeine.  Much of this "radiance" is due to more efficient elimination of toxins and waste plus increased blood flow and oxygen rich blood to the face. 

If you can become aware of your breathing patterns and incorporate your daily Optimal Breathing regimen into your daily routine, such as sitting at your computer you will be impressed and amazed at the power you have right there within your own body. The power to breathe your way to a healthier and happier life. 

Free Breathing Tests and Evaluations

Dr. Stephen Levine. "Immunity, cancer, oxygen, and candida albicans". Let's Live Magazine, Franklin Publications, August 1986 

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